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My Presentation to the Bulgarian community (:

Day 1,748, 09:23 by Yhamilitz

(Click in the Picture)

Some people could already ready my last Article but maybe only few people know me.

My Name is Yhamil Garcia Montiel, and I am a RL Mexican guy. I am actually studying in University the career called Physics, when I finish the career, I will began to get a Doctorate degree in Astronomy :)

I came to this game when I was 15 years old in July 07 2009, My RL birthday in in August 22th (so I am 19 :P)

In game , I am Yhamilitz, I born in a Critical time for Mexico, a very tiny country in that time, but I get bored and I moved into another country. That another couintry will be very important in my Development as a Player, and this country is called Austria. Austria in that time also was a small country, but it looks like if Generations Raise and Falls, The only person that I know there since the first time that I came, is Rangeley.

Another Important countries in my eLife was New Zealand, and Philippines.

The most important success in my eLife was when I became Vice-president in Mexico, but it was in a chaotic time. There was no government there.

I came for your country for the following reasons:

1) I wanted to Join to the CoT mobible forces, I am still waiting if I am officially accepted.

2) I support CoT and I think that I can do some famage for Bulgaria ant it´s allies

3) The Balkans looks like an Interesting place for my Military Formation :)

Now, I haven´t any political place and interest in this country, I don´t feel like to vote or be part of any Political party, so don´t worry in this topic, if someone wants to PTO Bulgaria, I could be happy for help Bulgaria

Let´s build a stronger Bulgaria for all, and a stronger CoT

I am not active, but if the Bulgarian President want to have some ties with Spanish Speaking countries, Specially Mexico, I can help :D

Have a nice day


V.Antonov Day 1,748, 10:36


Kukulast Day 1,748, 10:55

baitoz Day 1,748, 11:16


buba4ko Day 1,748, 11:19

hola amigo : )

aragaden Day 1,748, 15:29

Добре дошъл!

off whisky
off whisky Day 1,749, 21:49

Welcome,mate! o/

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