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More Anti-PTO Efforts

Day 1,712, 02:58 by Hamturk

This time I made even more gold.

It's clear to me that much profit is to be made from these attempted PTO's. I hope to see others making gold in the coming the days (just remember not to actually give them cs).



Hamturk Day 1,712, 02:58


xordin Day 1,712, 03:16

Nice biz...

Lonqu Day 1,712, 03:35

Awesome! Exemplary work. o7

RD1234 Day 1,712, 05:11

Rob the gold!

Hamturk send them to me, I'll rob more with my CP status

Rohan AnanthaKrishna
Rohan AnanthaKrishna Day 1,712, 06:01

Again. Taking gold from PTO'ers has become like growing moss in the sea, very easy

Mac Baslac
Mac Baslac Day 1,712, 11:28

I got gold from him, too : D

Eve Nikolaevich
Eve Nikolaevich Day 1,712, 14:44

Good .

Marcus Bastet
Marcus Bastet Day 1,713, 06:14

reason, why you accused me as PTOer please?

It's my first time in eIndia, I did nothing to your people, it's funny for you, but my intentions are damn serious - start new life, as citizen of - for me - promise land), contribute to community and like always in my humble career, help other people couse material has no value for me. Example, I donate to Hamturk&Shalas95 and requested nothing for return.
Anyway, it seems that my enthusiastic relocation to South Asia was meaningless

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