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MoD orders (Day 1920) Central Anatolia & Caribe e Insular

Day 1,918, 03:38 Published in Japan Venezuela by C. Guaicaipuro

Nice and quiet day in our empire will allow us to concentrate our damage to help our allies. Our priority for today will be to help our friends and allies Bulgaria and Mexico.

Our top priority for today will be to help our ally Bulgaria. All MU commanders please set your Daily Order to the following battle: Central Anatolia. (click on the image to fight):

Do not fight if the wall is higher than 55%, save your energy for later. We will also be helping our good friends Mexico in this battle: Caribe e Insular. (click on the image to fight):

Please follow these newspaper because they will be updated for new battles.


Ceda.mj MoD

Milutin Markovic vMoD



arhangellord Day 1,918, 05:09


Koppanyi Ferenc
Koppanyi Ferenc Day 1,919, 03:22

Kill the pigs!

Nebojsa Novakovic
Nebojsa Novakovic Day 1,919, 03:34


BODA90 Day 1,919, 03:38


Angelkovic Day 1,919, 03:47


Gavrilo 5
Gavrilo 5 Day 1,919, 04:02


Nolmut Day 1,919, 10:10


Auraborus Day 1,919, 20:38

I have to admit....
I really like the new banner!
well done!

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