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Manifesto and Cabinet

Day 1,929, 06:47 by Hamturk


This is the follow up from my previous article where I declared my intention to run for CP of India for the month of March.

In this part of my manifesto I will explain the issues facing India and what I plan to do about them. I will also announce my cabinet for the coming month.

Foreign Affairs

From a Foreign Affairs point of view this month has the potential to be the most important we have had, with our membership to CoT, our liberation from Croatia and the long sought after invasion of China becoming more likely.

As president I aim to improve our relation with our CoT allies and set us on a path to achieving full membership in that alliance.

Another important factor to consider is the death of EDEN. It is believed by some that if China falls then EDEN goes with it, although I believe EDEN is about to go regardless.

If this was to happen then India, as an exEDEN country, would be in a great position to negotiate with some of our old friends to possibly bring them to our side.


I hope this is the month we say goodbye to our old traitor friends Croatia.

Everyone knows we won't beat them in an open MPP battle, so we are left with fighting through RW's or having someone else do the job for us.

This is the part I don't want to go into too much detail about, as it gives away too much information to the enemy, but I am open to private discussion if anyone want's to know.


I believe their is some merit in what Xordin was trying with his 1 MU for each division plan, but as he has admitted himself, it is not very sustainable.

If elected funds will be made available to supply D1 and D2 fighters from day one, although it will be short term while another method is put into place.

Ultimately I would like to have 2 privately run MU's, one for D1/2 which will be funded entirely by the government and another for D3/4 which will be partly funded by the government and partly by donations.


As I've said before, I am little pessimistic regarding this issue, but I have been working on some things.

I will release an article in a week showing a method of advertising erepublik through facebook. I tested this method myself and had my link sent out to 3000 people, unfortunately the few who did join didn't stick around for long.

This article will be released regardless of election results.


- Hamturk

Vice President
- Shockwavve

- Arawnlives (TBC)
- Ashphalt
- Mr. Heisenberg

- Prabal
- Logan

- Dranze R
- M. Khurram
- davidselva
- citizenneel

MoMC - I aim to bring back the greatest MoMC ever for this position.

If you have doubts please comment below. I may have missed things and if you would like to know about a specific issue then I'll be happy to clear that up for you.

All cabinet positions are still open if anyone would like to apply.




Hamturk Day 1,929, 06:52

Hamturk for President!

Khurram Innocent Monster
Khurram Innocent Monster Day 1,929, 07:12

Good one!

Lysander Spooner II
Lysander Spooner II Day 1,929, 07:19


ShockWavve Day 1,929, 07:22

Hamturk for President \w/

BrknSword Day 1,929, 07:22

Good Luck,Hamturk

Dranze R
Dranze R Day 1,929, 08:05

Poodle 4 President!!

RD1234 Day 1,929, 08:09


Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,929, 08:47

what abt MoF ?

Hamturk Day 1,929, 08:54

I'm sure I added that before.

It's up now anyway

ultimatewinner Day 1,929, 11:38

good luck

Treian Day 1,929, 13:00


shail.back Day 1,929, 18:47

good luck ham

Octavius Dryst
Octavius Dryst Day 1,929, 22:14

what about my position as minister of communism and atheism?

Hamturk Day 1,930, 06:12

It was promised if I win

Zinaa Day 1,930, 04:53

Good luck Hamturk!

horus1618 Day 1,930, 06:04


NueveOcho Day 1,930, 16:59

don't let Abhigay's multies beat you xdxd

Asmitatheone Day 1,930, 20:41

well you will never be able to beat either, so dont worry....

GouthamKrishnan Day 1,930, 19:01

Good Luck Hamturk o7

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