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Making Choices for The Future

Day 1,802, 16:16 by Hamturk

Whatever I say here is going to be questioned, twisted and at some point turned against me, it's the history of India politics so as always I'll just tell the truth for those willing to listen.

A few days ago I was contacted by the MoFA affairs for Ireland who informed me that a pissed off proEDEN MU from the USA was looking for a new home and she had suggested that India was a good place for them to set up.

I know everyone is now wondering why on earth would they want to come to India? Well as you can see here and here we have better weapons bonuses than the USA and with a little more searching you will see we actually have one of the highest in EDEN, add this to the fact that we are an EDEN country and the USA is now CTRL, and this seems a valid reason.

Now when Ethel was proposing that this MU move to India she had both the country and her friends in the MU in mind, not only will they benefit from better resources but we will more than double our damage as a country while increasing the active population. For most it would be a win-win situation until you throw in the dangers of PTO which has always been a danger for India, and letting in 15 people who are as navin puts it are “unknown” then those who oppose this do have a valid point, but with the MU commander currently holding the aMC position in EDEN and being vouched for by both the Irish and Canadian govts (both of which are allies) then it’s starting to look like we are getting a good deal out of this.

I put it to everyone to stand up and be counted by give your opinion so that when is a decision is reached regarding this MU nobody can complain about not be consulted.

Now it’s on to the part about me. In the past 2 days I took the decision to ask congress members to accept the applications of the 2 leaders of the MU so that they could set up communes in time for a new congress to be elected and decide if the rest of the MU was welcome, those guys wanted to come regardless of whether the rest were accepted because they have had enough of the USA so I don’t see this as me taking congress for granted, and more to do with me choosing to act alone with my cabinet until we had a newly elected congress. Regardless of what I believed to be right at the time it has pissed some people off and I should apologize for that, so I’m sorry to anyone who was upset/angered by my decisions.

This issue, if you can call it that does really need to be settled , and if not already obvious I would like to state that I support the integration of this MU into India if everyone is willing to support me in that. It’s been a long time since this country had any real fun (Pak war last year I would say) but with an increase to around 200m daily dmg we can finally become a real power in the region, and Thai will no longer be pushing us over.
So I ask do we waste a good chance at improving our nation or do we turn them down and go back to our cage (our land between China and Croatia).



Lonqu Day 1,802, 16:18


Hamturk Day 1,802, 16:18

Just like to add that they have no intention of running in congress unless they become fully integrated, so for at least a few months they won't be running.

Ethel Rosenberg
Ethel Rosenberg Day 1,802, 16:30

I believe that you will find these citizens to be honest and loyal. They will fight hard for you and support your allies. They will earn your respect and your trust.

I understand the concerns, they are reasonable and just...I would just ask you to give them a chance to show you what they will bring to eIndia.

Hail EDEN!
Hail India!
Hail Brotherhood!

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,802, 17:48

I am here to earn your respect.

ultimatewinner Day 1,802, 18:50

As long as they don't run for Congress (atleast for 3 months), it should be ok.

Mystela Day 1,802, 18:52

For what it's worth guys, I've know Addy as a player since Nov. '09 & in all of that time, I've only been disappointed in him once.

If you read his newspaper, you'll see that his forte is economics, but despite the analytical mind that discipline requires, he's also very imaginative & is able to think “outside of the box”. He's a GoW, but more importantly, you only have to check his profile, to see that he's experienced in all aspects of the game, an all around good player.

Mystela Day 1,802, 18:53

I'm not looking forward to having him as a member of your team vs Thailand. C'mon! Can't we have SEA? Or NSAAOAMEA? :[

Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Day 1,802, 19:17

Sorry, I don't support it Hamturk..I've given my views, heard yours(on irc)..doesn't convince me a bit...

Zinaa Day 1,802, 20:04

Thanks for your trust Hamturk.....I assure you we play this game with respect & dignity

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 1,802, 20:06

U r welcome to india friends...

Captain Kushskiller2001
Captain Kushskiller2001 Day 1,802, 20:25

I hope you give us a chance to earn your trust and respect.

BrknSword Day 1,802, 21:04


Khurram Innocent Monster
Khurram Innocent Monster Day 1,802, 21:04

Welcome them, it's good idea!!!

dhruvs Day 1,802, 21:18

Kya drama laga rakha hai ~_^

ShockWavve Day 1,802, 22:53

/me pats "the poodle ". Hamturk rolls on his back.

LightningRodger Day 1,802, 23:09

Hmm. Sounds like a good idea to me. o7

kapahii Day 1,802, 23:25

i welcome them, there conscience seems to be noble,


this move will only add to eIndia's strength

anoojsasi Day 1,803, 05:37

welcome to India

HemanathanKumar Day 1,803, 08:04

Are they coming here just to help us in the military ??
Will they stay out of politics ?????

Seriously from my point of view, If eIndia needs anything at the moment, its not increase in damage as we dont have any real war going. We need Babyboom. Several steps gone to failure on this front and we need to put some effort for babyboom.

Brining in a Foreign MU to India helping us to improve the damage, I dont think so, its gonna help in India in near future !!!

Lonqu Day 1,803, 08:13

My comments on Sam's article:

Yes, we are aware they want to participate. The 2 months non-participation in politics is to give them an opportunity to build up trust and respect within the community. Immediate participation = everyone will cry 'PTO'.

Frankly, it's not just the damage - we need more active ppl and more participation. The MU came because they wanted a community change, not just to give us more damage.

Gaurav12 Day 1,803, 08:30

Guys this things should have been discussed before approving the CS. And Hamturk you agree or not your reasons for not waiting for the change in congress is a bad one. Atleast you could have told the previous congress abt it.

Rahul k
Rahul k Day 1,803, 11:58

Time will answer all these questions !
Till then enjoy the Indian Food xD

terlika Day 1,804, 07:53

so the real issue is what`s goin to happen it that MU decide to dictate our coutry`s politic after theese 60 days of ``integration`` ?

Treian Day 1,804, 10:37

We're players loyal to the nation in which we live.....

We're just tired of the crap that has gone on in our former nations...... not everyone who wishes to change CS is a PTOer.....

Myself, I'm a former eCanadian CP (through impeachment) and a former CO of the eCanadian National armed forces..... I'm active and looking for a place to hang my hat and enjoy the game again.

that's all.

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