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Little Busters! OP [TV Size] with lyrics

Day 1,787, 21:01 Published in Japan Japan by Fuyumi
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hitori ga tsurai kara futatsu no te wo tsunaida
futari ja samishii kara wa ni natte te wo tsunaida
kitto sore ga ikusen no chikara ni mo nari

donna yume mo tateru ki ga surunda
takaku tobe takaku sora he
takaku kere takaku koe wo age
itsuka kujiketa sono hi no mukou made

kimi no koe wasurenai namida mo wasurenai
kore kara hajimaru kibou to iu na no mirai wo
sono ashi wa arukidasu
yagate kuru kakoku mo



Komeiji Koishi
Komeiji Koishi Day 1,788, 04:10

Lyrics to some random song in the worst form of writing, romaji, imaginable!?



ahava3233 Day 1,788, 10:19

Koishi you're so predictable--lol. Ofc you'd comment on how much you hate Romaji, knowing you :P.

Sophia Forrester
Sophia Forrester Day 1,788, 11:13

So, was this the correct answer to your riddle from a month ago?

Seems like a nice song to me, kind of easy to listen to, but not attention-grabbing like some anime openings are.

Fuyumi Day 1,794, 11:17

no the answer was

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