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Let's make PTO...who cares?

Day 1,914, 03:39 by M.Kogalniceanu


First of all I want to thank you because you adopted me and now I’m an eU.S. citizen. I’m glad to be with you and I promise that I won’t let you down.
Now, let’s talk seriously things.
As you may know, at this elections, that party...American Freedom Alliance (aka AFA) wanted to make TO to our romanian party, Friendship and Honor because we want to be an INDEPENDENT PARTY without their moving order from a party to another party only for a top 5. Well in this days are more important things then top 5. For example, we can take HONOR, a thing that not many have and their are trample for things that are not valuable. This thing named HONOR is not available for Elnoor Asteros, who selled our comunity just for the simple fact that he wants to be PP somewhere.

Now maybe I’m wrong, but AFA has no right to talk about honor, dishonesty and justice (all that things that are mentioned in every article) because they are not knowing that WE, citizens of eU.S., have the right to choose. If we choose in their disadvantage, it’s a “betrayal”.

In a normal country, like eU.S. exceptin AFA, all of us have the right to choose, even in a supermarket we can choose what to buy, we can choose at the elections who to vote for. It's simple like saying "Hello!". All of us have the right to choose in which side we want to be and which person we want to vote for.
I hope that everyone can understand what I wanted to say and I hope that everyone will make the better choice to vote for costin1989 for Anti-TO.

Best regards,



costin1989 Day 1,914, 03:45

o7 there are so much truth.

Phoenix Quinn
Phoenix Quinn Day 1,914, 03:46

It's quite obvious to anybody paying attention that the Gipper faction of the AFA has no honor. That Citizen RGReagan would even use the word reeks of hypocrisy.

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Day 1,914, 03:49

Costin1989 for PP!

Much respect to F&H

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,914, 03:52

"All of us have the right to choose in which side we want to be and which person we want to vote for." This is not completely true.

M.Kogalniceanu Day 1,914, 03:54

Why not? If it's not true, that means that we are not in democracy..

Alexandru Barbarosie
Alexandru Barbarosie Day 1,914, 04:34

Elnoor! Ce-i asta!? Si in eStatea se supara lumea pe tine? (:

M.Kogalniceanu Day 1,914, 04:43

Pe iude se supara toate lumea, indiferent de nationalitate (:

Artela Day 1,914, 04:53

Voted. FsH showed great courage and honor by moving away from the AFA - long may they continue to be allowed ti keep showing that courage and honor as a free party within the eUSA

horax Day 1,914, 05:34

FSH has to be a free party not a puppet party.

Viarizi Day 1,914, 06:29

Voted hard!!! Thanks for the free publicity.

bigcdizzle Day 1,914, 08:27

Voted hard, and moved to vote for costin1989.

M.Kogalniceanu Day 1,914, 08:29

Thank you! o7

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,914, 08:44

"free party"

Not really... nothing"free" about doing YOUR bidding.

Your are being ATO'd because you are openly supporting our enemies, not because you are "independent"

Friends make the worst enemies.

Number11 Day 1,914, 15:17

CIPELICI go home

ligtreb Day 1,914, 09:12

Voted, subbed and shouted. The AFA has no right to talk about honor x2.

Stolch Day 1,914, 09:35

Unfortunately after collaborating for nearly 1 year with AFA, it is hard to believe the "divorce", especially when Costin1989 only has EDEN interests at his heart. Hence hy his only shouts are to fight for EDEN countries and usually against USA interests.

There is no need for an "ethnic" Romanian party in USA no matter what "values" it professes. Unfortunately at this point this whole soap opera looks a lot like an attempt to get real americans into the party to vote against a "mirage" enemy and help bring the party into top 5, since no other strategy has brought on the desired result of a second party run by or in collusion with AFA in top 5.

M.Kogalniceanu Day 1,914, 13:15

"There is no need for an "ethnic" Romanian party in USA no matter what "values" it professes. "
Why not? We are a community here in USA and we have this right;)

"mirage" enemy - really? and the PTO you tried at american parties?

Stolch Day 1,914, 14:15

you're either part of the USA community or not, you do not need an "ethnic" party to do that. If you ant to build a community within the community, then fine, but don't be surprised hen you're regarded as PTOers or usurpers.

Simply put you're the guests and it is up to you to integrate and not for the locals to accomodate you and your needs.

As for the rest it will become clear soon enough, it will not be the first time that for the public two groups are putting the act of fighting in an attempt to bring in additional suporters to each side and then used them for ulterior motives. With some known PTOers in your "community within the community" it is not an outlandish supposition to make. Anyway it will become clear enough in time.

Bizulica Day 1,915, 23:02

FsH supports the US interests and that can be seen through the votes of its congressmen (of which I am one).

Whether there is a need for an ethnic party or not is not at issue here. What is to be admired is that Costin1989 managed to bring the members together and also to expand the membership with some 50 members. Give him time to continue what he started.

Unfortunately, the enemy is not a "mirage". RGR and AFA are pretty specific. They managed to move 170+ members in the attempt to PTO the party.

Zordacz Day 1,914, 10:54

Comment deleted

Candor Day 1,914, 15:28

I love the smell of mechanics in the morning.

I just roll a six sided die and vote randomly with conviction. I used to vote as told, but that got old and now it's the die. Or the 8 ball. But the 8 ball still requires a question, like, "Should I vote in USWP or F&H"?

Then I gotta go down the list of candidates.

It's all too much.

I roll.

TurtleShroom Day 1,914, 20:03

This EXACT THING happens to us in North Korea every time

Bob Wu founded this party, and then two Chinese buttkissers swoop in and stack the votes to unseat his Presidency. We've created at least five parties and lost them all this way.

Gogonta Day 1,915, 07:19

Very well said !

costin1989 Day 1,915, 07:41

We do not want to get in top 5, we want to be a party that represent the romanian people

weasel2 Day 1,915, 21:26

Maintain your independence and your honor.
As you see, RGR will trample on both.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,915, 22:47

^No honor here

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