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Day 1,787, 20:00 by Luis Nordmann

Hello fellow American People and International.

It has been quite some time since I wrote an article and matter of fact, the last time I did so was to announce CTRL. So today I have a few topics to explore:

- The new CTRL HQ election and my role on CTRL.
- AMP Party President Run
- United States Air Force
- United States Department of State

So starting on CTRL, you guys know the alliance has elected a new HQ composed by:

Supreme General - Alexander_Auctoritas

Supreme General Deputy - Siddy

Military Organizer - k0stek, Artela, RegisAjr

Public Relations Director - Mininuns

Media Director - aVie

Foreign Affairs Director - Fruitcommando

Meanwhile, the Founders of CTRL will always remain in the history of this new alliance. If anyone needs to speak to me in what concerns CTRL matters, you can do so via PM, just remenber: I don’t feed trolls, so if you’ll message me to troll, you’ll be ignored and reported.

I also take the opportunity to mention this alliance is looking for new members, if you think your country could/should join, don't hesitate in contacting the HeadQuarters of CTRL.

AMP Party President Run

This message is exclusive for the AMPs. First off, I want to apologise for quitting the race so fast after accepting the nomination, I did intend to run but some people made me realise it’d be very hard to do decently the job of Party President and the job of Secretary of State at the same time. So it all came down to a choice: Party President or Secretary of State.

Don’t take me wrong fellow AMPs, I love our party and I placed much of my efforts representing AMP in congress and in our Government but my choice this month was Secretary of State.

I don’t want you guys to take it like as I’m quitting on you, it was nothing of that, I’ve chosen to continue the work I started last month and continue to help USA to have it’s Foreign Policy fixed up.

I want you to know I have great respect for Cerb and I live well with my conscience knowing he continues his good job as Party President, meanwhile I’ll be around helping with the Legal work I can do for AMP.

If I ever come to run for AMP PP in the nearby future, I hope I can count on AMP members support.

I take this opportunity to also rely AMP and USA can and will always count on me.

United States Air Force

Well folks! I have to say it has been great to work together with the Air Force Leadership, we did very good progresses from the chaos the MU was in when the old officers left. Things that changed for better:

- Supply efficiency, most of our soldiers are satisfied with the supply amounts and the delivery efficiency.
- Air Force Forum was cleaned up and the old information upgraded, the new SCOs will be creating their squad threads.
- A Unique Air Force Mastersheet from where the Leadership controlls new graduates from Fight Training and sets them in Air Force, Supplies, Bot command, Communes and discharges.
- New Air Force bots to record supply requests and to give the officers the abilities to add/remove soldiers and change their options.

If you want to join the US Air Force, please contact me, Emdoublegee or Creitzell. If you do not have the rank of Major in-game, we’ll forward you to Flight Training before you graduate.


Department of State

As Secretary of State I have to say last term we had to fire a lot of Ambassadors due to their inactivity and their incapability to write good reports.

I want the current Ambassadors to know their work is appreciated and it is one of the tools that helps me take decisions and help this country. It is also a very Patriotic thing to do!

Having all this in consideration, I take the opportunity to say the Department of State is recruiting new Ambassadors, if you’re interested, please fill in your Ambassador Application Form

If you can’t submit your application or find problems with it, please contact Napalm Norm, he’s the Director of Ambassadorial Affairs.

Thank you all and good luck eWorld.


US Secretary of State (MoFA)
US Air Force Lt General


fingerguns Day 1,787, 20:03

Dr Luis is dreamy

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Day 1,787, 20:05

^ We are all dreamy

EnterAwesome Day 1,787, 21:06

I like your article Mr. Luis. Keep writing and I will keep reading. =]

Gravitas1555 Day 1,787, 21:08

Aim High.

DokJon Day 1,788, 02:58


John Killah
John Killah Day 1,788, 03:11

I mainly boated because it's my man Luis writing this article! \o/

Albanian Freedom Alliance
Albanian Freedom Alliance Day 1,788, 12:13

my best wishes for you sir
Greetings from eAlbania

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