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Last week kills Armed Forces of Austria

Day 2,277, 12:04 by OEBernd

Stats of the last week of the Armed forces of Austria.

Army Registration form
If you change your ingamename pls fill out the form again, if you didn´t get weapons pls write me a pm.

There haven´t been new entires in the Form since th 9th of December!

Do´t expect any donations.... Maybe we get em this time but.... meh...
As you wanted I have added the "old" killslist too.



Here is a collection of links that can help you.


Schwrzwolf Day 2,277, 12:12


Travis James
Travis James Day 2,277, 12:55

Nice! Voted

Harzakc Day 2,278, 02:07


spachti Day 2,278, 03:33

kills damage neben einander find ich sehr fein

herriery Day 2,278, 12:37

Sorry, but that list is wrong:(

wschwabe Day 2,278, 13:08

Did you filled the form?

herriery Day 2,278, 13:36

Yes, I filled it,, I fight and I'm have more than 400 kills every week. It's not problem that I'm not in this stat, the problem is that I was the only one active player in Division 1. Now I fight in Division 2.

wschwabe Day 2,278, 14:20

Something you tell me must be wrong, because when I look at your profile and calculate your XP with your decorations,I can see you fought 8 weeks in Div1, you was three times best placed and 5 times not, so there was some other div 1 fighters, and you made about 260kills every week.
Ist funny what maths can tell us

Valentoni Day 2,278, 14:34

Comment deleted

Martinus_1 Day 2,278, 18:50

You send this message from the wrong account .... multi

wschwabe Day 2,279, 02:23

Oafach da kommendar lescha hüft do ned. Hob längst an skrenschot an de Admens gschickt. :p

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