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Day 1,876, 16:21 by kody5

Since i was nominated yesterday i decided to Try this time.
I never Planned on campaigning much but here it is.
and remember, i may be wrong on somethings, and my ideas my already be happening.

The first thing i plan on reforming and implementing new Ideas is something that plays a big role in ATO efforts, The inter-party relations department.
We can look around and see that some parties are not on the same page with others. I believe that we need complete unity to fight against this pto and win, 6th parties included. I think we need a major uplift in communication between Parties, not just during pp elections and congress elections when they are getting pto'd. But everyday on a national Scale. I think if we could have a National Group for PPs and party reps that we could do this.
But that's just one of my crazy ideas.

Secondly i am going to Start a Education department.
I think this needs to be the place that all the New people go to learn and have their chance to be something more in the Feds.
I would re start and move the Mentor ship program to the education department(the hell happened to that?).
I would also have a team of educators/mentors that can be assigned to any new player that needs Help.
There will be a Daily newspaper for others to read.
And im still looking for a director to run that.

Thirdly Is the FBI.
I don't think there is much that needs to be done here and may already be planned. but id like to see the FBI handle a few small projects on a national ATO level to take some of the pressure off of the DHS and let it be handled by 2 units instead of one.
Otherwise the FBI is perfect, good job harry o/

and last but not least Recruitment.
Lately we rose to the #1 party in the USA because of our recruitment team.
But we still need MOAAAR people to knock the Serbs off.
So if elected i will start a reward system for player that bring in the most people to join. As well as keeping a tab on who recruited who into the feds. i think Logamac is doing a great job over there however o/

And the last thing i will implement into to the Feds is DIO and SPQR.

I am not going to just force this on the Feds.
But sometime in my term if i am elected, I will hold a Fed vote.
the vote will be if you want to declare the Feds an SPQR party.
where you can vote yes or no.

i know this will piss off some of you.
But you can just vote no :p

Well all thats left is my Cabinet.
My vice Party President will be....


my Cos will be Duncan.

and my liaison of party affairs will be Jefferson Locke.



Candor Day 1,876, 17:07

Good luck! V

Sejanus Saturninus Lex
Sejanus Saturninus Lex Day 1,876, 19:21




Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 1,876, 19:43

very good ideas, kody5! you'll def be pp one day if you keep at it!!

good luck in this run!!!

p/h, voted hard.

Quintus Modius
Quintus Modius Day 1,877, 01:44


Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Day 1,877, 04:36

Good luck Kody5 xD

jmoneytizzle Day 1,877, 19:26

Good Luck Kody!!!

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