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It's time for Q8 !!!

Day 1,872, 01:59 Published in Montenegro Montenegro by Kralj I

Administrators please it's time for Q8

.................................................... vozi Miško,pucaj Miško...


IgorMilic7 Day 1,872, 02:02

q10 pa nek ide zivot.

NBaki Day 1,872, 03:12

ahahahahaha, dobar

ScoLLe Day 1,872, 08:21


Tomislav Diablo
Tomislav Diablo Day 1,872, 08:22

Q7 je Q10 po statistikama (npr. hrana daje 20, a ne 14 energije), tako da ništa od osmice...

nenopg Day 1,872, 10:45


Kralj I
Kralj I Day 1,872, 10:48


nisam stavio tablice!

Jol nezunk Miki
Jol nezunk Miki Day 1,873, 11:16

Nope it's not, Q7 factories are too expensive already :o)

skandalno gola
skandalno gola Day 1,873, 16:55


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