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Investigation: EDEN HQ, The Psych0 and Alliance Policy

Day 1,839, 09:31 by Seanan

Carrying on from my previous article, The Psycho was appointed as Minister of Defence for eIreland by Winston Hope Smith at the beginning of the term; Days into the term, The Psycho was denied access to EDEN HQ military channels and he released an article in outrage. Later, he resigned.

There was no public explanation for the banning of an Irish Minister from EDEN HQ channels.

This investigation has taken 22 days to reach a conclusion, yet there are still questions unanswered. The purpose of this report was to correct what I perceived as a failure in accountability by Government/EDEN HQ to provide reasons for the banning of an eIrish official - Whether or not the reasons were legitimate were irrelevant as long as they remained behind closed doors. I thoroughly believed that for there to be confidence in EDEN HQ's judgement, they must openly justify their domestic (i.e. non-military/sensitive) decisions to EDEN citizens.

Conclusions on whether or not The Pyscho should have been banned are not included in this article, rather that can be discussed elsewhere from information given in the report section. The Author Insight section of this article focuses on my experiences in interacting with EDEN HQ.

Rules of publication; I will not quote directly to avoid out of context interpretations - I will express information given by individuals in my own words, however if individuals feel I am being unfair in my interpretation - I have screenshot'd every conversation, so I am open to negotiation on how the information should be presented.

Responsibility for the decision:
Supreme Commander Justino Figueiredo
Director of the Intelligence and Security Department Lucifel

Sources: Nenya, Justino.

Reasons for the banning:

Given by SC Justino Figueiredo -
✯ Main reason: Association with Poland and CTRL (His source:Chewchewshoe - although denied by Chewie)

✯ Other reasons: The Psycho had been banned before, and while that decision pre-dates Justino's term, it gave himself confidence that the association with CTRL should be considered a concern but historic reasons were not the basis of the banning.

Given by Director of ISD Lucifel -
✯ Refused to answer questions.
Lucifel refused to answer questions from private citizens, explaining that he will only give information to EDEN government officials. After this response, I contacted Irish Country President Winston Hope Smith to relay my questions onto Justino and Lucifel, which he faithfully did; Lucifel responded that he will not answer private questions via Country Presidents (Source: Winston Hope Smith)

Historic influences on banning:

Given by Irish Minister of Foreign Affairs Mirek12345 -
✯ Possibility of leaking logs (His source: Nenya and Ethel Rosenberg)
Further investigation: Junstino did not provide me with anything to suggest The Psycho had leaked logs (I have outstanding mails - this part may be edited in the future), explaining he did not have time to look through logs from a time he was not SC - although Justino claimed Psycho released logs in an article in the Irish media and later removed it. (Source: Justino)

✯ Power promising/Disagreement with Turkey's EDEN bid (His source: Nenya and Ethel Rosenberg)
Further investigation: The previous ban from EDEN military channels occurred during Oles Kurivchak's term as Supreme Commander, whilst The Pyscho was Assistant Military Commander (aMC) under the Military Commanders (MC) KoHaH and LitoII (Source: Mirek12345, The Psych0). The Psycho was removed from his position and banned after Nenya replaced the Bulgarian MCs (Source: The Psych0). The Psych0 claimed this was due to a disagreement with SC Oles over Turkey being given EDEN membership, Justion confirmed that The Psych0 was banned at that time for attempting to block Turkey from being given EDEN membership - It was not made clear to me why the disagreement was seen as an illegal activity/plot (Source: The Psycho, Justino).

This report should have taken 3 days at the max. Yes, I had to say that first.

An appointed Minister of Defence of an EDEN country was denied access to EDEN channels because the HQ deemed them a risk to the confidentiality of EDEN military channels - yet they didn't tell anyone that. Of all the things which have reason to be kept secret, like alliance military plans, how does the banning of a MoD fall into the same category?

Turns out, that the banning of The Psych0 was not an intended secret. The 22 days trying to get a straight answer was obviously just fourplay. No, Justino told me that it was not his job to inform the Irish public the reasons behind non-military decisions (Thankful he actually did talk to me though, alot better than some). In a way, he is correct; He personally did not need to release an article, after he or another HQ member tell the Irish government the reasons - they should be the ones to informed the public. But no one in HQ told the Irish government either (at least, by Mirek's account, they did not give a clear/correct reason), until after I started my investigation.

Ignoring the fact none of the information presented here is a military secret protecting EDEN interests, EDEN HQ has a duty to inform EDEN governments about their decisions; they must be held accountable for every decision they take on behalf of the member States of EDEN.

HQ's job is to enforce, not dictate, the will of EDEN member States. They are a liaison of EDEN's collective will - From this experience as well as published clashes between HQ and governments in other countries, It is beginning to look like there is a growing attitude within EDEN HQ that they are the ultimate authority on the direction of the alliance.

Personally, I think Justino is a sound guy, he was very quick to give his praise for eIreland and his respect for our integrity but the environment created by his colleagues are portraying an unaccountable, secretive, personal agenda-driven HQ.

Trust is paramount in any alliance. With countries leaving EDEN, and growing discontent among members States over issues like Turkey-Israel/Iran, HQ needs to step back, and re-evaluate their role in the alliance. They need to be humble, and respect each member State - and their citizens.

An Irish referendum on our membership in EDEN will take place in the coming days - I urge member States to consider the principles of those they elected to EDEN HQ before even eIreland, one of the most loyal and determined EDEN nations, throws in the towel.

Thank you for reading,


Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,839, 09:44

banning McF**k is the only sensible thing EDEN have done in an age.

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,839, 09:53

Seanan, thank you for that.

The issues I have with all this is simple.

1. Refusing to allow an MoD of any EDEN country to military channels is completely unacceptable regardless of the risks involved. It is a complete insult to any nation.
2. As replacement to Psych0 I would consider myself at least as risky as he is considering my Libertad tendencies and known issues with Turkey, Argentina, Romania and RoC. I have also actively blocked MPP's with Egypt.

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Day 1,839, 10:24

its easy dont make poopsy MOD

Marcus Suridius
Marcus Suridius Day 1,839, 10:34

"1. Refusing to allow an MoD of any EDEN country to military channels is completely unacceptable regardless of the risks involved. It is a complete insult to any nation."

No if there are legitimate reasons then its acceptable, what if they are a known spy or are passing info to the other alliance?

Just because they are MoD or any roles doesn't mean any alliance (not just EDEN) should allow them access.

Brian Boru
Brian Boru Day 1,839, 12:26

Seanan, this report is very oddly timed if it's meant to be a neutral article.

I must insist that we consider that CoT is no better than EDEN, and will develop much of the same problems.

Seanan Day 1,839, 12:35

By the same token, Brian, wouldn't be neutral if I left publishing the report til after the referendum either - The report would have been published alot earlier if it wasn't for the reasons I have said in the article.

The article doesn't advocate leaving EDEN anyway, encourages internal change.

Brian Boru
Brian Boru Day 1,839, 12:38

The article effectively reveals EDEN's hypocrisy on the eve of a vote to leave the alliance, while the alternative option is not discussed and has not bene discussed in realistic terms by another from the government.

The banning of Psych0 was wrong, but our strategic interests must come above such insults until a viable alternative is found, not the first other bandwagon we can find.

Liam Tatlock
Liam Tatlock Day 1,839, 12:47

With the referendum due imminently, any information has got to be useful. If anyone wants to put an objective assessment of CoT up, I'll read that too. I've seen no particularly good argument yet why we should stay in EDEN.

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Day 1,839, 13:07


i had a lot more respect for you seanan but this is just effin lies as proven by ethel rosenberg's article.

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,839, 13:13

I've never had talk with CTRL, that alliance is laugher and it was like that from start, so it's funny I was the one who has been charged for talking with them. Just check any of my comment about CTRL in Alexander Autocritas newspaper.

My opinion was and still is that Bulgaria was treated unfairly 9 MONTHS AGO. I won't change my opinion just because some dickhead from HQ told me to do so.

EDEN once was great alliance, but HQ's in past 9 months made damagehood out of it. Pity.

Seanan Day 1,839, 13:16

Not sure which part of this you believe is lies, RTK. The reports section doesn't give an opinion, everything said in the report section is something which has been told to me by those I indicated in the Sources.

The only bit involving my opinion is the Insight section - which doesn't really involve Psycho. What article by Ethel are you talking about?

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,839, 13:17

Also, I've never, but really never leaked any logs from EDEN channels nor summits. I didn't even knew I'm charged for it before they had to create some reason of my ban cept some of them dislike me.

To some people of EDEN HQ:
EDEN isn't your alliance, it isn't your private playground. It's our alliance, alliance of countries, not "elected" people of HQ. Most of you isn't really elected anyway so cut the crap.

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Day 1,839, 13:53

also looked for the must have been a comment by her. cant remember who wrote the article perhaps the CP who is a death citizen by now the one who had a pic of some "actor" playing a cop captain or something like that. well just ask ethel she had all of the details and is involved with eden.

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Day 1,839, 13:58

ronisu but he is gone by now. anyway i have a good memory and that was what was said that psycho were into some fight there(by his own admittance then about bulgaria) that some "cooler heads" (exact words used by ethel) tried to stop the argument and then he flamed against them or just kept flaming on. that they kicked him for that. by virtue of him being the only irish mod too be kicked i truly believe this to be the reason for his kicking not his connections with poland etc.

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Day 1,839, 14:02

anyway i dont think the move to COT -attack Canada plan will work either. too many players of the US will officially or unofficially help canada. remember the previous war was a training war and known to be one.

moomoohead Day 1,839, 14:30

Seanan has always been a stong supporter of EDEN in our country. When he feels this way people should take note. Good article.

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,839, 15:34

Not to mention Marcus ^^

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