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Informing America! ( URGENT Must read before Voting )

Day 1,873, 02:51 by kody5

The AFA has Pulled a Trick once again.
The unity Candidate is Fingerguns as you all should know.

Near the Day change the AFA pulled this trick.

Cerbiswar is Dan Wang.
A PTO traitor.
Update: Dang Wang is now perma banned

John .Jay is an AFA multi
Notice the Period in his name before Jay
Update: John .Jay is now Perma banned.

The real John Jay would not join Neutrality and run with Friendship and Honor.
The real WeThePeople

The fake American Military party is The euro American Union
The Euro American union is the PTO'd iNCi party Ran by the AFA.

So the fact is that John Jay is NOT Running.
Neither is Cerb.

The only Candidate is Fingerguns and EVERY American should vote for her!

More evidence by more important and Trustworthy people.




John Killah:



Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,873, 02:57

you sure?

kody5 Day 1,873, 02:59

Pretty sure.
John Jay is Not a level 20 with a . before Jay.
Cerb is not dan wang

sulmuesi Day 1,873, 02:59

Why game is allowing the changing of the names during elections? This is so bad

Norbengo Day 1,873, 03:07

Vote Ronald Gipper Reagan!

Others are fake!


DejO.o Day 1,873, 03:15

really O_o


kody5 Day 1,873, 03:16

@ Sulmuesi
Send a Ticket to the Admins.
They Break Laws by doing this and will be Perma banned.
The more sent the better

Candor Day 1,873, 03:19

IMPORTANT: Read before voting:

It is important to vote on a full stomach people.

banovano magare
banovano magare Day 1,873, 05:50

"Order 4917868 (Vote) Mark as already voted
Customer Jefferson Locke
Link to the article/newspaper
Order type

DON'T sub this newspaper
Number of votes/subs 193 / 600
Order status Orders in progress
Vote/Sub price 5.0 CC"


Thanks for the payed vote by the way...

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,873, 09:04


TellUrGrlThx Day 1,873, 09:10

@banovano magare If it's legal then it isn't a crime. RGR uses it also. The fact that you are just pointing out this one is sad and shows how one sided you are. Good day sir.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,873, 11:13

^ I was donated $ by a wealthy benefactor to do it.

ligtreb Day 1,873, 11:15

Thank you for writing this article and bringing it to our attention.

Gmarsanu Day 1,873, 11:20

Voto 958
Sub 54
please vote and sub my newspaper!
good luck!!

Relorian Day 1,875, 16:20

RGR always claims its a benefactor... I more think its his multi farm.

Doktori777 Day 1,960, 07:52

I applied 4 cz change,and I got pm by RGR saying you guys are corrupted..i don't know if it is true,but its not like I can trust unkown people pm me either...kody5 are you as dangerous as people say

Doktori777 Day 1,960, 07:54

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