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Day 1,855, 09:58 by miltiadis1

First of all,i would like to thank all of you for your support.It's my first time being a party president and i am trying my best to make our party bigger and better for newbies to come...

Now,let's go to the 25th of the month,there will be the congress election.Everyone is welcomed by the party president to be a canditate in this election but there are some things that have to be done by everyone...
Firstly,i want everyone who wants to be congressman, to publish an article about himself and why he thinks he is suitable to be in the congress...
Also,i want everyone to send me a pm with the link of his article to have a conversation with me.By this converssation,i will choose the list of the congress in the i want everyone to have their article ready and send me a pm before that date...

RULE No1:Be active in the forums and IRC
It is very importand for our country that every congress member must be online in the FORUMS and IRC at least one per day...In these places some important poles are made and by your presence there you can show to us that you are an active player and that you want the better for our country...
By being a congress member you have access in the sub section of The Lok and Rajya Sabha where all the importand polls are made...If you don't have a ccess in this section send a pm to alector and he will take care of everything..

RULE No2:proposals
One of the most important for the congress members are to use their law proposals very wisely...Every member of the congress has 2 proposals to make..Every law proposal must be discussed in the Forums..You,as a congressman, can't make proposals on your own or you will be blacklisted from the party and even the country...

RULE No3:Citizen passes
The most importand "power" of the congress member is the citizen passes.every member of the congress has 1 pass per month to allow a citizen of an another country to be an eIndian...BUT you have to use it wisely or you will be can't grand a citizenship pass to anyone unless the Head of Congress told you to do that..CS are being talked in the forums by everyone...

EVERYONE must read and know these rules and must accept them or he will blacklisted forever by the Indian Government...
I am waiting for your PM's and for your articles..

thanks again..


Lonqu Day 1,855, 09:59


Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 1,855, 10:46


Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Day 1,855, 18:43


Alias Vision
Alias Vision Day 1,855, 19:36

Good stuff!

ultimatewinner Day 1,855, 20:11


Fighter100 Day 1,855, 20:11


BrknSword Day 1,855, 21:40


Atlast We can PM new congress ppl with the Congress Rules. ( This Article)


terlika Day 1,856, 00:26

like usual im the only one without access in forum

citizenneel Day 1,856, 02:53

Jewel Biswas
Jewel Biswas Day 1,856, 07:55




I can go to Forum but my system resist me to log in any IRC.

swap7805 Day 1,858, 04:52


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