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Day 1,892, 07:19 Published in Serbia Serbia by The Milliner




The Milliner
The Milliner Day 1,892, 07:20

And we're counting. Ya know what's to be done. : P

Beast from  Asprovalta
Beast from Asprovalta Day 1,892, 07:40


MacakMiki Day 1,892, 07:40

Only 413 ; )

The Milliner
The Milliner Day 1,892, 07:42

2 subs in 25 minutes! What a progress! I'm the king of the world. And a world class*** spammer as of late, at that. X D

Arn.Magnusson Day 1,892, 07:56

I met a girl from Mongolia once...she was slutty...

The Milliner
The Milliner Day 1,892, 08:00

Aint ya supposed to have met a girl from Scandinavia? Arn? : P

Hostilian Day 1,892, 09:01

Our Mongolian brothers should spread cyrillic script in China as well. Their language is fairly simple in grammar, but who in their right mind would learn the "alphabet".

Budalimir Day 1,892, 09:13


acapulco.paul Day 1,892, 09:16


Kapetan Uks
Kapetan Uks Day 1,892, 13:44

Fuckin' aced the article!
No sub from me, though...

The Milliner
The Milliner Day 1,892, 14:05

"Fuckin' aced the article!"

Go fu*k yourself, dude!

"No sub from me, though..."

That's just GRAND, mate, thanks! \o/

The Milliner
The Milliner Day 1,892, 15:11

Ko je doš'o zbog golih ženski - tu su one, sam' nisu uhvaćene u kadar, jbg.

Lothron Junior
Lothron Junior Day 1,892, 15:11

35/593 + shout!


New-and-Now Day 1,892, 15:14

[Нови Сад орг] #2 - Најава скупа!!!

The Milliner
The Milliner Day 1,892, 15:21

406 to go... The speed of light, eh?

SajIer Day 1,892, 15:23


DijanaBL Day 1,892, 15:30

evo i od mene sub da te sto prije mongolizujemo : D

The Milliner
The Milliner Day 1,892, 15:35


The Milliner
The Milliner Day 1,893, 01:48

597 right. Or 403 left.

Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Day 1,893, 01:52

598 o7

elveon Day 1,893, 05:33

: D

Kapetan Uks
Kapetan Uks Day 1,893, 05:38

Oh, yes... I forgot...


The Milliner
The Milliner Day 1,893, 05:40

Seriously? His... Tits? : S

Marko Ville
Marko Ville Day 1,893, 05:44

Kakav si ti luzer.

The Milliner
The Milliner Day 1,893, 05:55

Pronalazim gore napisani komentar krajnje nedefinisanim. Najpre, pitanju nedostaje odgovarajući interpunkcijski znak. Zatim, da bih bio što koncizniji: kojom metodom se od mene želi da opišem kakav sam luzer i koji konotacijski i denotacijski smisao ima navedeni pojam? Unapred zavalan.

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