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How Nowe became the President of eJapan:

Day 1,726, 10:44 Published in Japan Japan by Akki

Introductory Remarks:

Nowe claims that he is honest, as quoted from his recent article (which was twice deleted by admins):

“I've never lied to you, and I've never lied to anyone. I'll admit anything, because I pride myself on being honest.” --Nowe--

But how did Nowe manage to become the President of eJapan? The answer is very simple: By killing off all of his potential opponents.

Part 1: How Nowe got support to run for President of eJapan

In IRC channel #eJapan: (7/20)
22:04 (Nowe) I agree with this.
22:04 (Nowe) I want a suicidal mission into Canada pls.
22:05 (exreality) [13:22] MasturBacon: <CivilAnarchy> yo alfred-ball
22:05 (exreality) <CivilAnarchy> you around?
22:05 (exreality) <Alfred-Ball> Yeah I am here bro
22:05 (exreality) <Alfred-Ball> What's up
22:05 (exreality) <CivilAnarchy> If Canada attacks and actually tries to win
22:05 (exreality) <CivilAnarchy> Can Japan help out?
22:05 (exreality) <CivilAnarchy> I'm p sure they wont, just covering bases.
22:05 (exreality) <Alfred-Ball> Yes, we would do that for sure
22:05 (exreality) <Alfred-Ball> Where do you think they will attack?
22:05 (exreality) <CivilAnarchy> It depends.
22:05 (exreality) <CivilAnarchy> If they issue it, Alaska
22:05 (exreality) <CivilAnarchy> If they let autoattack, no idea.
22:05 (exreality) <CivilAnarchy> Rylde said he would attack Alaska, so I dunno.
22:05 (exreality) <Alfred-Ball> Yeah we would be happy to NE Canada
22:05 (exreality) [14:28] /人◕‿‿◕人\: yep
22:06 (Nowe) Doppppe.
22:07 (Alfred-Ball) Nowe: there is a topic in the discreet forums about it
22:07 (Alfred-Ball) Could use some support
22:07 (Nowe) Lol is ahava and sumeragi being retarded
…. (random chat about drinking, etc.)…
22:16 (Nowe) replied to the thread albert
22:16 (Fruitcommando) for maximum revenge points
22:18 (Akki) lol nowe, run for president :P
22:18 (Fruitcommando) no
22:18 (Nowe) I was actually considering it for next month.

Chat between Nowe and me in Game: (7/23)
Then I send Nowe PM in game if he wanted to run for president since he’s been doing good job for eJapan lately and I wanted to someone who haven’t been a president in the last to run for the position of the president of eJapan again. Sadly, it is deleted, since it is older than 14 days, but basically, I promise him that I will throw ULJ support for president to Nowe if he wanted to run, unless he did anything crazy before he is elected.

Chat between Alfred Balls and me: (7/23)
21:08 (Alfred-Ball) Can you support me for CP under the ULJ?
21:08 (Alfred-Ball) I am going to talk to Danyeo tonight
21:08 (Alfred-Ball) The other option is Nowe
21:08 (Alfred-Ball) and I have been running the gov for the past two months behind the scenes, other then the MoF which you do.
21:08 (Akki) I sent nowe telling him I'm willing to support him like 1 hour ago alfred, lol
21:09 (Alfred-Ball) Fuck man
21:09 (Alfred-Ball) Nowe?!
21:09 (Alfred-Ball) He doesn't do dick
21:15 (Akki) Alfred, problem is, I don't think recycling same old president over and over is smart sterategy.
21:15 (Alfred-Ball) Pass me up for anything but Nowe
21:15 (Alfred-Ball) Okay let get Fruitcommando then
21:16 (Akki) Better have few month with older president, followed by some experimenting with the new, it could let political field to be shacken up.
21:16 (Alfred-Ball) Lol but all I am saying is ANYONE BUT NOWE
21:16 (Akki) I will not support fruitcommando again for president Alfred.
21:16 (Alfred-Ball) But you will support someone who would sell his own grandmother for political gain
21:19 (Alfred-Ball) He better keep me on as MoFA and do what I say like exReality has been
21:19 (Akki) I know you can run government well, I'm not doubting your ability.
21:19 (Akki) Yeah, I should tell him that if he decides to come asking me for support near the election.
21:20 (Akki) He's still not "decided" so you still have ways to get him out *wink*
21:20 (Alfred-Ball) I am this close to getting us in with the Americans hardcore again
21:20 (Akki) oh, is nowe diehard america fan?
21:21 (Alfred-Ball) he is a diehard lets be small and useless fan
21:21 (Alfred-Ball) Also a hardcore power addict
21:21 (Alfred-Ball) Hence his 7x vCP accomplishments
21:25 (Alfred-Ball) In any case sorry for ranting.
21:26 (Alfred-Ball) Just i put to much time in this game
21:26 (Alfred-Ball) A little to much
21:26 (Akki) no problem. I maybe rushed to tell nowe that I might be interested in endorsing him, thanks for letting me know you are interested in presidency.
21:27 (Akki) I know you are much more active than me, and actually do more job than me, and you know I would support you if I haven't thrown the idea of endorsing nowe to him.
21:29 (Alfred-Ball) I know bro
21:29 (Alfred-Ball) Should have got to you earlier

Note: Random talks about non-related stuff are cut out for conciseness with ellipses (…)
Note 2: All the prophecy from Alfred Ball about Nowe’s presidency has come true, after Nowe went mad.

Part 2: Nowe killing off his opponents

Chat between Nowe and me: (07/26)
22:14 (Nowe) Alfred isn't really CP.
22:15 (Nowe) Apparently danyeo wants to troll ahava, so they're going to switch me in on the last day, and want me to get support from ULJ in the mean time. Idk it's a stupid troll imo, but ahava is getting pretty excited about this.
22:15 (Nowe) Its ridiculous
22:18 (Akki) lol
22:18 (Akki) Alfred really not running?
22:18 (Nowe) nah
22:19 (Nowe) I'm running, he's staying MoFA.
22:19 (Akki) he ranted on me few days ago asking me for my support, when I told him I gave you the green signal 1 hour before he contacted me, lol
22:19 (Nowe) hahaha
22:19 (Nowe) yeah he contacted me a few days ago around that time
22:19 (Nowe) when he found out i wanted to run
22:20 (Nowe) then we worked out him not running.

Chat between Tetsuya Tameru and me: (07/27)
00:02 (tetsuya_tameru) ok, I have a moral question.
00:03 (tetsuya_tameru) I'm being asked to swap out ahava at last minute.
00:03 (Akki) by whom?
00:04 (Akki) your party, or outside group?
00:04 (tetsuya_tameru) outside group.
00:04 (tetsuya_tameru) Its a moral dillema for me
00:04 (tetsuya_tameru) see, I didn't want to run ahava, not really.
00:05 (tetsuya_tameru) BUT its what the party wanted, mostly. and I admire her spirit. on the other hand, I'm being asked to betray brutally in this tactic with the explicit purpose being to crush her spirit so she doesnt run again
00:05 (tetsuya_tameru) that has been literally mentioned by the asker as the purpose

00:05 (tetsuya_tameru) thing is, I don't like betrayal
00:05 (Akki) As much as I have personal distaste for ahava, I wouldn't secretly swap ahava out in the last minute, since it would put your position within your party in jepardy.
00:05 (tetsuya_tameru) so i'm torn
00:06 (tetsuya_tameru) I don't even care about the elections of PP really
00:06 (Akki) I think the moral answer (from my personal opinion) is to either stick with Ahava, or start thread in your party forum stating your opinion.
00:06 (tetsuya_tameru) my problem comes from not wanting to betray another player who from my perspective is retarded but means well.
00:07 (Akki) It's really tough issue, since you already have ahava endorsed.
00:07 (tetsuya_tameru) it is.
00:07 (Akki) But you are PP, so you do have last call in this. But I wouldn't do this in the last minute.
00:08 (tetsuya_tameru) ok, to be blunt and level, nowe is the one asking.
00:08 (Akki) lol nowe.


So yeah, the only reason Nowe won was because he coordinated behind everyone’s back to get both Ahava and Alfred Ball from running in the last election. Quite an trustworthy and honest guy really.

Edit 1: In response to Nowe accusation that I forced Nowe to put me in MoF

I don't think I would have walked out of my Cabinet position so gracefully if I really cared much for position of power in eJapan like Nowe. Really Nowe, can you put up or shut up?

00:00 (Akki) Oh, and I will be making announcement on my resignation soon in game nowe, so please remove my cabinet status from the forum and power in IRC.
00:00 (Nowe) Will do.
00:33 (Nowe) I just wanted to let you know that it's extremely immature for someone who claims he only cares about eJapan to resign from the most important position in the country simply because I'm willing to look past the fact I don't really like Sumeragi to get her help. I respect you a lot, like I love Kokawa, but now I just feel retarded for trying so hard to prove
00:33 (Nowe) myself to you and these other selfish assbutts.
00:34 (Nowe) Thank you for teaching me along the way Akki.
00:34 (Akki) nowe that's fine. I feel the same way about trying to give you a chance, and persuading Alfred to not run for presidency.
00:35 (Nowe) Thanks a$$hole.
00:36 (Akki) no problem. I'll still be around nowe, unlike those, so you still get to deal with an a$$hole like me for rest of the month.
00:36 (Akki) enjoy.

Note: Original a$$hole was not censored, but it is censored for media purposes.

Note 2: I was banned from #nippon soon after all this by Nowe along with other random people because Nowe was just a Mad child.


Alfred Ball
Alfred Ball Day 1,726, 10:49

Lol Nowe, very honest indeed.

Lyuline Day 1,726, 10:49

"Note: Random talks about non-related stuff are cut out for conciseness with ellipses (…)"

Non-related. Oh you.

Lyuline Day 1,726, 10:58

Before you ask: Yes, I have seen the missing parts, and no, fortunately for you I am not into the leaking business like you, so I won't give anything away that was said in private.

But I really thought better of you, Akki...

Rona1d Day 1,726, 10:59


UANAHS Day 1,726, 10:59

v s

Akki Day 1,726, 11:01


I asked for permission from Tetsuya about releasing that part, which he replied, "post it if you want. But I think nowe has enough fuel burning to destroy him at this moment."

As for Alfred, I have his permission as well

Lyuline Day 1,726, 11:12

I do not talk about permissions, but the things you two said there.. which are not as innocent as you try to pretend in this article.

Kotsune Shiro
Kotsune Shiro Day 1,726, 11:13


Shirobu Day 1,726, 11:14

Just another day at the office...

ahava3233 Day 1,726, 11:47

I'm more concerned about tetsuya's conduct than Nowe's...

Atracurium Day 1,726, 12:06

Politics is never white..

BeachBunny Day 1,726, 12:07

He sounds honest to me rofl. More like he has no moral compass.

exReality Day 1,726, 12:08

A log of me posting a log lol.

Yonsil Day 1,726, 12:27


Minakami Suoh
Minakami Suoh Day 1,726, 13:09

That's cute. This shows me I have to start saving my IRC conversations.

Myung Kei
Myung Kei Day 1,726, 13:25

At this point, it just proves what we have already known, but now it shows who was really running Nowe's government behind the scenes. Thanks Akki.

Expletive Deleted
Expletive Deleted Day 1,726, 13:54

all culpable tbh

Minakami Suoh
Minakami Suoh Day 1,726, 14:28

Wait, so

21:09 (Alfred-Ball) He doesn't do dick

I don't do anything, apparently, but

21:19 (Alfred-Ball) He better keep me on as MoFA and do what I say like exReality has been

You want me to NOT do anything except listen to you

21:21 (Alfred-Ball) he is a diehard lets be small and useless fan

But you agree I'm a diehard fan of Japan EXISTING and protecting its sovereignty, and for that reason you were against me becoming President because you were convinced I wouldn't agree

Minakami Suoh
Minakami Suoh Day 1,726, 14:30

to your war with eROC which, according to Akki's various statements in IRC, has been planned since exReality. I bet you were pleasantly surprised in how much faith I put in you, considering the conditions you laid down for me to even be CP was to keep you, Fruit, and Akki in the government.

I also like how the conversation has been skipped around to parts that specifically damage me. While I'm not used to this and had no need to save my IRC conversations, fact is this just proved me right.

Akki Day 1,726, 14:47

You didn't need to keep me in government Nowe. I was actually planning to step down at the end of ex's term because of upcoming trip. Apparently, you didn't even contact me for making me MoF, but I accepted it anyways, since I supported you to be president.

Again, Nowe, your dishonesty is disappointing.

Minakami Suoh
Minakami Suoh Day 1,726, 15:00

I didn't contact you, I never said that I did. I said that it was a condition. To be more specific, the condition was to "put Akki, exReality, or danyeo" as MoF. I put all three. Quit your crap Akki and grow a spine instead of stooping this low. I'm the one who's supposed to be the political backstabber.

So I guess that means my learning from all of you paid off.

the tormented one
the tormented one Day 1,726, 16:30

so complicated lol

ahava3233 Day 1,726, 17:05

@that 1


Akki Day 1,726, 18:10

Who gave you that condition lol Nowe.

Obviously, I didn't know any such thing. Alfred Balls?

Nowe give me evidence. Don't be an attack dog that barks at anyone you don't like with your fantasy.

Minakami Suoh
Minakami Suoh Day 1,726, 18:28

>NoweDay 1,726, 13:09 That's cute. This shows me I have to start saving my IRC conversations

This is the first time where I've ever had to watch what I say or apparently, things will be used against me. I also use mibbit, which doesn't really save chats. Otherwise, I'd have sunk all of you by now due to the blatant bullcrap being spouted. So sure, you can win. Doesn't actually mean people believe you or respect you anymore.

Akki Day 1,726, 18:38

Addressed your accusation in the article Nowe. That's cute trying to use that as an evidence against me, but I have month worth of IRC log saved on my computer. Whatever discussion I was part of, I still have the log for it. I don't see any log with such as you claim, so you better do a better job of coming up with stuff to attack me for.

Again, who made you make me the MoF? Do I need to pull all the quote of you in IRC from last month just to prove you wrong?

Minakami Suoh
Minakami Suoh Day 1,726, 18:45

How does what you put up make me look bad?

Honestly everything you're putting up is just making you and the others look ridiculous.

Keep putting up more logs please.

Minakami Suoh
Minakami Suoh Day 1,726, 18:54

Also I like how you guys claim I'm incompetent, but apparently I was capable of manipulating my way into Presidency.


Also apparently all of this was my fault and pinning the blame of the war and chaos on me, yet somehow you have logs that show Alfred Ball saying that I better listen to him like exReality had.


Let's also point out that when I said:

Minakami Suoh
Minakami Suoh Day 1,726, 18:56

But you agree I'm a diehard fan of Japan EXISTING and protecting its sovereignty, and for that reason you were against me becoming President because you were convinced I wouldn't agree to your war with eROC which, according to Akki's various statements in IRC, has been planned since exReality. I bet you were pleasantly surprised in how much faith I put in you, considering the conditions you laid down for me to even be CP was to keep you, Fruit, and Akki in the government. cont

Minakami Suoh
Minakami Suoh Day 1,726, 18:58

That I was talking about/to ALFRED BALL. If you noticed the snippets were ALFRED BALL speaking, not you. You're so quick to jump at the defense that you don't both to read, and instead make a bigger butt out of yourself by posting logs that only make YOU look like a big dingus.

Comprehension must suck.

Fact of the matter is, if you actually READ the post and put two and two together and realize that I was speaking about ALFRED in that matter, you would know WHO I was talking about.

Minakami Suoh
Minakami Suoh Day 1,726, 19:00

As for me not having anything to back it up, okay, I don't. Like I said, I'm new to this. But apparently I'm a notorious political backstabber, so don't you think that if I do this ever so frequently that I would be way more prepared? You're nitpicking at flaws you think are there, but the fact is that since I can own up to my mistakes and MAN UP (unlike a certain group of people in eJapan), these flaws become my strength.

Minakami Suoh
Minakami Suoh Day 1,726, 19:01

As seen by the fact you're doing nothing but having people get annoyed by your being a political snipe, just like me. Practice what you preach and get off your gigantic horse. No matter what you throw at me it isn't going to break me again, and that goes for anyone.

Sumeragi Akeiko
Sumeragi Akeiko Day 1,726, 21:42

So basically Akki is proving he is no longer the great person he once was.

Minami Saki
Minami Saki Day 1,726, 22:04

This is the reason that I do not use the IRC much.

ardishabutaro Day 1,727, 03:07

This is the reason that I do not use the IRC much. x2

Hakaisha Day 1,727, 06:49

Quite shocked about Tameru...

Agatos Day 1,727, 08:20

When you have trolls (fruit, nowe) in the government then you are gonna get this in the end. It is obvious who did what, but they get away because... you can not prove anything without them trolling back at you and trying to switch the battle from events to players (Nowe attacks akki, not the charges).

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,727, 11:03

This is the reason that I do not use the IRC much. x3

exReality Day 1,728, 10:11

Akki will always be great.

exReality Day 1,728, 10:13

Also this is the very reason I use IRC.

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