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How much do you really care?

Day 1,803, 07:30 by Hamturk

So an article appeared in our newspapers this morning from one of our most respected players Samnomix, now known as Uv Ajed.

Samnomix want's us to believe that the MU currently trying to enter India is some sort of threat politically and although he has a valid reason to raise such an issue, it's just not really an issue. If our allies can vouch for them and others that we trust do them same, then isn't it enough at this point to say that we can at least give them a chance?

I'm not going to call samnomix a liar as I have too much respect for him, but I believe the argument being made by him is a little flawed. First it was about me not following correct procedure, then it was a PTO threat and now it's about some comments the MU commander made which were twisted to suit, so lets clear them up.

"simple fact is india is weak"
Yeah it is, so what if he stated a fact? I'll back him up on that point and you all know it's the truth.

"My MU can do as much damage as the whole country"
Again he was stating a fact in saying that we can use the dmg, instead of considering it as him pointing out one of the advantages some have decided to take it as an insult, but we can't accommodate for everyones sensitivities to misunderstandings.

"so i offered to shift and help out"

Right. Nobody asked him to come and help... Ethel suggested that as he was looking for a way out of the USA, India would be a good Pro-EDEN country to set up in, we have better resources than Ireland and Canada doesn't have a congress this month, so thats why they didn't go there.

The title of this article in a question towards Samnomix. How much do you really care?

I logged in today and had a mail from the commander of this MU, it was a warning of a PTO threat to India, you remember the real one that's being ignored? And the one these guys will help us defeat.

And 1 more which he found later makes 9, so while you are dividing India on a threat which doesn't really exist, the guy you accuse of being a PTO just found and reported 9 multies from the real PTO threat which we know for a fact does exist.

So tell me how much do you really care?



Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 1,803, 07:32


Hamturk Day 1,803, 07:32

You choose, those vouched for by allies or real PTO'ers?

Rebelash Day 1,803, 08:08

@Hamturk We are focused on all threats ...... we got our eyes on everything

navincharles Day 1,803, 08:11

Simple point of mine is...
To help, CS isnt mandatory... They can even have a Bangladesh CS and still fight for us if helping is the main concern which is not...

India is weak, yes.... But there are other EDEN countries, pro EDEN countries which are weak too.. Y us?? I am not saying it is but maybe Politics is easy game here... lol...

So we opted to help... This is not first of kind, demand to help which was uninvited...

They might be very nice guys, what is the point to get them?

Hamturk Day 1,803, 08:11

First I heard of it is from a guy being treated like a PTO threat.

navincharles Day 1,803, 08:17

They might be very nice guys, but what is the point to get them in?

If its damage, can they outrun Serbs for fighting Thai??? If its activity? 15 ppl can really make a difference? maybe... But let it be whatever... How long is the question? a few days, few months or few years!! My point is it is not permanent. If it was 2 or 3 is totally Ok as it will also give them a chance... But letting in 15 as a whole might be a problem... The choice is on us.. Any small mistake will be amplified later

Lonqu Day 1,803, 08:19

They're not looking solely for the damage aspect, but also the community aspect. eIndia was recommended to them as a nice place to settle in.

Really, the only issue I see here, and why there is a lot of sh*t, is the premature action to accept CS before we could even write an article. Otherwise the whole thing may have gone smoothly, whatever we decided.

kapahii Day 1,803, 09:36

MY VERSION IS, we should first check out their conscience, that could only be revealed in a period of time i.e.a couple of months,

if they do good to the community, help us in war times and enlighten us with their wisdom, then it's ok
they should not stand for any political activity for atleast good 4 months.

ShockWavve Day 1,803, 14:11

Hamturk suggestion. ......u should appologise for the mistake that u admitted in the article ......and promise to never keep congress in dark....

All solved let's welcome new eIndians

Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Day 1,803, 20:14

To be honest..this article answers none of our questions..rather it was all about Samnomix this, Cfovets that..etc.
Tell me something, Tomorrow if nova reports multis does it make him an honorable citizen? Sorry you might not be aware but lot of us report multis very frequently without publicly acknowledging it..
Your act of defending these guys is just making it worse for everybody!

Mystela Day 1,803, 20:15

I'm not going to involve myself any more in your internal affairs than I already have guys. But I'm just curious. What is all of this talk of India vs Thai? :[ Does this mean we're no longer going to have friendly fights? O.O

Did I mention that Addy is a family man who goes away for a few weeks every year for family time? Not only that, but Capt. Kushkins is a gifted writer, but he's gotten rather lazy lately & doesn't publish half as much as he used to! Kick them out! Kick them all out!! :[

Wild Quark
Wild Quark Day 1,803, 21:43

I disagree with people asking Hamturk to apologize because there have been instances in the past where we have accepted citizens because Hamturk vouched for them. If Hamturk had asked me personally to accept CS of anyone I would have done so because I trust Hamturk and I would never doubt his intentions of helping India succeed. So blaming him for the assumed ruckus isn't fair. I agree a big unit is risky. But asking hamturk to offer public/formal apology is tasteless and sort of insulting.

Wild Quark
Wild Quark Day 1,803, 21:51

So let's sit together and sort out the MU affair with reasons and rationale rather than indulging in some blame game and he-said-she-said BS lol We are all friends here and we understand each other. Just calm down everybody, leave extreme emotions out of it and think objectively. With the MU it could go either way,
good = very good, bad = very bad. So we should weigh in the trade off and take a decision. Sometimes not taking a risk can be a bigger risk.

ShockWavve Day 1,804, 05:46

~ let them in ~

citizenneel Day 1,804, 11:05

a) no new MU..ask them to join MARCOS / BRATS

b) No political participation ever (ofc only if they are approved by congress to run). let them join / vote in existing parties

c) If their intention is to help eIndia and be part of this community only, let them show they mean it.

d) I don't blame navin & Co' cautious approach. do v really

e) supporters (Alector, Hamturk, arawn, wildy) take full responsibility for their action and vouch for them. if you have any doubts, STFU.

citizenneel Day 1,804, 11:05

g) Opposers, if they stand true to their words, EAT YOUR OwN wORDS.

citizenneel Day 1,804, 11:15

IMO, welcome to eIndia guys (for those who already r here and for others in the waiting list). this is a game..let's play and enjoy together. but i don't like the argument that they can do more dmg than the whole country, hence they should be accepted. this only makes u mercenaries and u will shift country when the situation is not favorable to u. show us u really want to be part of the community by being in it and not identifying urself apart? can u do that ? or am i the racist here?

NueveOcho Day 1,804, 20:12

Let them in = Hello PTO!!!

Rohan AnanthaKrishna
Rohan AnanthaKrishna Day 1,805, 04:23

I accept that we shud let them in but not the whole lot. Lets allow 5 members to come in and join the nation. Accepting the whole lot is like accepting Sonia Gandhi Rahul Gandhi and others back to india after kicking'em. Give them a 5 month time frame. The first 4 months will mainly be on how they will be with the community NOT ACT I SAID "BE". For the last month will be on wat political moves they will do. IF they enter congress, CP or PP they will be identified as a

Rohan AnanthaKrishna
Rohan AnanthaKrishna Day 1,805, 04:26

PTO threat and will take full action to blacklist them and will make the rest of their eIndian life miserable. If they don't do any political move accept join a Political party then ok. After these 5 months they will be removed from the scanner. To reduce time consumption 5 members will be accepted each 2 weeks.(meaning the whole lot will take 2 months min to enter to eIndia) and these 5 members will also be included in the time frame

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