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H PGDM moni tis den einai dinati

Day 1,907, 07:28 by Zeus the Anonymous

Blepoume oti h PGDM mas "katastrefei" ollo kai pio polly - h mono to prospathei. Meta otan kanoume resistance wars, tis pio polles fores pernoume palli piso tin perioxi mas. Ti fteei gia afto.

Einai oti den exoune symmaxous sta resistance wars h PGDM, ki etsi ki ama einai pio polly PGDMides sto pexnidi, den to pezoune tosi polly. Etsi ta katafernoume sixna!

H pio polly tha to ikseran, omos den pirazei.



xam xam
xam xam Day 1,909, 01:13

στη δημοκρατία της Μακεδονίας αναφέρεσαι ?

ThessalosTrikkaios Day 1,909, 02:27

Vardarska ονομάζεται...

Zeus the Anonymous
Zeus the Anonymous Day 1,909, 10:08

Nai, xam xam.

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