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Goku running for New Era Party President!

Day 1,821, 11:23 by Goku Jones

Party President Election
I am the current New Era Spokesman and I am asking for you vote to be promoted to Party President!

First I will post a summary of some of the major things I have done relevant to being Party President, then I will post an overview of what I will do as PP.

My Experience.
I revamped a Top 5 UK Party called the "Freethinkers Party" into the "Radical Freethinkers Alliance" in 2009 and kept it in the Top 5 when it was about to slip out. I took over again in 2010 and raised it to 3rd rank, it later "disbanded" with the members joining ESO as it was founded.

I have done the same in Japan, making the "South Korea Party" into "Godzilla Party" and the #1 ranked Party, producing many Presidents and Ministers. I later created a child party to take 5th rank and block the 6th rank PTO party.

Back in the UK, I designed the current UKRP logo and have been Minister twice (Foreign Affairs and Recruitment). I played a decent sized part in the last two Presidential elections helping Ayame Crocodile and Richard Feist with their campaigns as Media Manager.

I've done alot in this game, far more than is listed here, I would like to do more with New Era!

What can a Party President actually do?
1) Change Party Name, Avatar and Orientation.
2) Endorse a Country President Candidate.
3) Arrange the order of Congress Candidates.
4) Set Party Titles (Vice President, Secretary General, Councillor and Spokesman).
5) Influence the Membership Number / Party Ranking.

I am going to keep this brief and not bore you with the details, I will post a full article on each subject before implementation if I get your vote!

1) Change Party Name, Avatar and Orientation.
If you elect me I won't change the Party Name or Orientation, we have a pretty strong brand with New Era and it is going down well!

I think that we need some good party graphics for articles, like paragraph dividers, link pictures, avatar borders and recruitment pictures. I will open a competition with a gold prize to find some good ones and this MAY tie in to a better Avatar being found. This needs to have pretty much unanimous support though, see part 5.

2) Endorse a Country President Candidate.
We had a good CP run with Richard Feist last month, the reason why we lost was experience and how well known he was. We need to develop many of our members as experienced and well known players before we try again and select someone to run, this will take time.

I believe that what our members tend to want overlaps a lot with UKPP and they have a few more well known and experienced players, so If elected I will be supporting their candidate for President unless something drastic happens. More on this overlap in part 5.

3) Arrange the order of Congress Candidates.
This is my BIG IDEA and why I hope you will choose to elect me over any other candidates.

I am going to arrange our candidates by how many articles, votes and comments they have in their newspaper over the last month. The exact formula will be posted before the 25th and will be made more sophisticated for the month after with other things getting you "points".

4) Set Party Titles (Vice President, Secretary General, Councillor and Spokesman).
I want us to aim for ALL of our Congress slots going to newer or less known players in the UK so that we can build how well known they are. The exceptions will be certain party titles some but not all of which will go to more experienced players and get them on the Congress Shortlist, so they can guide the newer players.

My initial thoughts (but not set in stone) with potential Congress Shortlist position are:
#1 "Councillor" will be the person with the highest ranked eUK Government position.
#2 "Secretary General" will be the person with the highest ranked Military Unit position.
#3 "Vice-President" will be the person who recruited the most people to New Era in the last month.
#4 "Spokesman" will be the person with the most articles/votes/comments in the last month.
#5-6 Normal Slots.
#7 "Party President" will go here. It's useful if the PP is in Congress to stay informed, but if the party underperforms then I'll be the first to lose a spot.
#8-20 Normal Slots.

5) Influence the Membership Number / Party Ranking.
All of the above will hopefully cause players to choose New Era. However this is just management stuff, we also need to differentiate ourselves from the other parties on policy (particularly UKPP) so that we are a clear choice.

I will arrange and run weekly policy meetings at the weekends to hammer down exactly what we want to achieve together as a group. What I will be pushing for is detailed here.

- Sage Goku


Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,821, 11:44

Vote for your choice of PP on the 15th of Novemeber!

Alphabethis Day 1,821, 13:03

richard feist for CP, it's ok if Annibal and Don support you.

Ironfists Day 1,821, 13:06

Well it goes against New Era ideals but '' Why the fuck not '' ...... i'm not happy

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,821, 13:11

Why what's wrong with it, I can change it if there is a major problem like that.

Ironfists Day 1,821, 13:16

Sorry that was a bit to aggressive

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,821, 13:20

After chatting with Ironfists, I need to clarify that Newspapers only cost 2g.

If you are worried about the cost because your spending your money on other stuff, let me know and I'll see if we can help you out with it.

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,821, 13:26

The ranking thing isn't finished and seems to be the most controversial thing from the replies I am getting. We can discuss this at the weekend meeting and sort it out together, it can certaintly be tweaked and there probally are too many "positions" high up there.

What I'm trying to do is move away from the PP deciding from what he has seen (and possible bias) and have some evidence and data on why we select who we select.

WayneKerr Day 1,821, 13:51

I came up with a jolly good ranking system. Based purely on activity and participation. Positive scores only (apart from the subtracting of times in congress, ie a player with 4 congress medals would have 4 points deducted), which gave even the newest of players a chance to gain access to the lofty heights of congress.... Shame it was dismissed due to Ergo Deus unveiling it for me, as I couldn't make the conference. It gave a system that was clear and people could see where they could improve

Dr Hugh Jardon
Dr Hugh Jardon Day 1,821, 13:55

Good luck Goku,thats a very stable and sound platform to build upon

Wayne ffs will you just run for CP because you would be perfect for it.

Treacherous Day 1,821, 13:55

Sounds good, why'd you change your name Goku?

James Scarlet
James Scarlet Day 1,821, 15:36

Goku for PP!

Commander Dapper
Commander Dapper Day 1,821, 15:51

Vote Goku-- please see party page.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,823, 09:18

Good system to get yourself into congress every month

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