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fun games

Day 1,845, 10:30 Published in Poland United Kingdom by You may call me V

Title: New Era Bonus Ball

fun games

We are bringing back the bonus ball to raise funds to support new players.
Don Dapper is asking for your support plus its fun and you can win some cash !

Rules are simple . . .

Pick a number 1-49 5 numbers will be New Era numbers

If your ball is picked on Saturday night you win

New Eras number will be the last 5 left

First come first served !

1 Dr Hugh
2 Wigibob
3 Victor Ki
4 RiotShock
5 Elsworth
6 Chris talyor
7 AlottaFuntz
8 Gronw
9 Zubrei
10 BoatsandHoes
11 Smaids
12 DonKokona
13 Klurr
14 Toblerone974
15 New Era

16 Liverpool smarty
17 Ayame Crocodile
18 Morsik KSC
19 Don Dapper
20 UnknownPerson
21 mustangman
22 New Era
23 Sage Goku
24 Titanicus
25 dante643
26 Percy Spencer
27 Lady Macbeth II
28 Treacherous
29 Alphabethis
30 Peter Cetele
31 hollenboer
32 New Era ----
33 Richhair
34 hardgurl
35 Sven Goran Duran-Duran
36 Eiss
37 New Era ----
38 ViciousDeeds
39 billyjones85
40 Lord Rizla
41 New Era
42 PrinceAndrel
43 svetljo stefanov
44 Howdyho
45 King Hannibal
46 Crazyfrog
47 alan warwickshire
48 Aces man
49 Ironfists

Good Luck Prizes to be given on Sunday


You may call me V
You may call me V Day 1,845, 10:33

Take part in this fun game more details pm Don Dapper

You may call me V
You may call me V Day 1,845, 10:52

right all numbers are done

New Era got 15 , 22 , 32, 37, 41

good luck to everyone who has taken part

Mr QRCZEBLADE Day 1,845, 13:12

nie wygrałem

You may call me V
You may call me V Day 1,846, 02:10

Winner 27

You have successfully donated 3000 PLN. This amount will appear shortly in the citizen account.

You may call me V
You may call me V Day 1,846, 02:11

Well Done Lady Macbeth !

Lady Macbeth II
Lady Macbeth II Day 1,846, 03:15

wow.. i can't believe it. I've never won a penny in any lottery

etljo stnov
etljo stnov Day 1,846, 04:08

Congrat's, Lady Macbeth II ! : )

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