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Erepublik Servers

Day 1,699, 07:34 by Luis Nordmann
Hello International Public,

Have you guys seen a lot of chickens lately? I mean this chickens?

Or perhaps...

This ones!!

It's a sign from our God Plato!! It's a sign Erepublik needs to upgrade their servers quality.

So here's the various qualities:

Q1 Servers - The most common version in all erepublik. These servers are 100% invaded by chickens in need for slaughter.

Q2 Servers - A little bit better, they only have 80% chickens around but still... very common.

Q3 Servers - These servers are quite uncommon, they only have 50% chickens.

Q4 Servers - Uncommon servers with 25% chickens, this is considered a top quality server and highly expensive, hence why Plato won't use money upgrading to this quality.

Q5 Servers - Those servers are the 2nd best servers, they only have 5% chickens and they work very smoothly.

Q6 Servers - Ladies and gentleman... I present you... the dream! The Myth! The Legend of all dream server for all erepublik players!! No chickens!!!

Dear Plato,

I'm here to request that you get your riffles and start hunting down this chickens and you upgrade your servers to Q6. Please... Give us our Legend! Our Myth!!!

Dr Luis Sentieiro
Press Director

P.S. - Please repeat with me "FREE CHICKEN SERVERS!"


The Anaconda
The Anaconda Day 1,699, 07:36


NoNameDragon Day 1,699, 07:37

I'll just write here "lol" so everyone will know that i'm laughing.

John Killah
John Killah Day 1,699, 08:22


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