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eRepublik: daily tasks

Day 1,332, 15:12 Published in China Germany by eDeutschland


Ahh, my Country is under attack - k nothing new.
My Land -> train and work a few times - damn i feel so tired now. oO

Newspapers...argh nothing new, always the same shit..."stupid game", "one rules the world", "blablabla..."

Let's go to the battlefield - click,click,click,click... wow nice action :/

forgot to watch the citizenfeeds*beta - mkay, same shit as in newspapers...

forgot to put the "manager-work-products" on the market...

When will I forget to login???



Edelmann Day 1,332, 15:51

Best. Game. Ever.

Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,332, 16:39

Voted. Sadly true.

robbie2008 Day 1,337, 04:38

i don;t know how to say

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