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eRep support sites and tools [REVIEW]

Day 1,672, 09:14 by Hanibal LA

Day 1672

Dear eRepublikans,

Statistics is one of the most important elements for anyone who wants to succeed in this game. Many of us track statistics in our own way, but many can't manage with this issue easyly. Then it is time for the eRepublik tools and support sites.

Today I will introduce you to some of them, the best ones in my opinion.

Better tool than your brain you can't find, but when problem comes, then any support is welcome.

Recently launched website called simply - eRep-stats. The name itself tells you what exactly is this site about.

Most importantly for this project is a huge commitment of authors, a large number of options, regularly updated website and a very good and simple design.

This is the only place where you can follow all four walls in a battle.

The only problem is that the battles are listed by names of regions (alphabeticaly), not like in the the battle-watcher, by time they started.

Further evidence that the authors think about everything are guides for beginners, some tools and the for exampe, results of elections ( for now only congres elections are included ).

I am of the opinion that this is the most complete site support for now, although it is necessary to resolve few more things.

The final score, 7/10.

The next site that willpresent to you is already mentioned BATTLE-WATCHER.

Site that tracks detailed statistics of all wars. All you may be interested in relation to a battle or war, can be found here.

Till now, main problem was delay of informations from battles. Hope they will fix this.

The site is currently in adjusting to the new military module, and we expect soon full functionality of this site which is really useful.

final score is 7/10

The following site is a project called egov4ou or Pulse project.

In past, this site was the main source of information about everything in eRep, however, due to problems with the pulse script used by the players, the pulse stopped with statistical reports.

However, recently the site started working again, but only partially.

at the moment, you can track your detailed statistics such as total daily dmg, dmg per battle, battles u fighted in etc.

Also, script is ON again, but im not sure if its supported by eRep administration.

pics used from egov4you site

Things like maxhit, evaluation, information about players and other stucked on Day 1545. We expect this feature fixed soon, because this is probably the best support site ever.

Final score of the current condition is 3/10.

Next thing I will present is narrentum, tools for eRepublik.

This is a small set of tools for eRepublik. This site does not have any statistics but only the details of the player, like XP, strengh and medals.

However, what is important here is the already mentioned tools that can be described in no other way except ... GREAT!!

Here you can see the tools included.

You must try training calculator, the best one, by my oppinion.

The unique thing here is your newspaper visits counter. you can find it only here and nowhere else.

final score 9/10

And the last site that I will present is erep.maxihellas, one of the veterans in terms of eRep support sites.

i think this is largest set od statistics, but the main problem is low updating, so in some cases you have very old information, which is very disappointing.

final score 2/10

I hope this article will help you in the future and facilitate the game in general.

For shout:

eRep sites and tools

New in "HMS" !!! Need place for your advertisement with huge number of visitors?! Then, you are on right place. One of pics bellow can be yours.

If you want to advertise yourself in my newspaper pls fill this form and you will get all info.



ZeneFallX Day 1,672, 09:20

Great job Bro : 3

Voted & Shouted o7

uxini Day 1,672, 09:21


Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,672, 09:22

ty guys o/

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,672, 09:23

Where's the RW script?! xD

NaTakoTeJaNaKitu Day 1,672, 09:23


Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,672, 09:26

@ next article

Zgjlm Day 1,672, 09:28


eIndian Forever
eIndian Forever Day 1,672, 09:29

franky88 Day 1,672, 09:38

Big vote!

widdows9000 Day 1,672, 09:41

Great article. voted

Khan Singh
Khan Singh Day 1,672, 09:42


Emperor of Doclea
Emperor of Doclea Day 1,672, 09:44


Lostkingdom Day 1,672, 09:54

good job

HonoreDeBalzac Day 1,672, 10:01


whatabusta Day 1,672, 10:10


Meraklija jug
Meraklija jug Day 1,672, 10:14


l00dak Day 1,672, 10:16

votojnë artikull të mirë

FilantropNG Day 1,672, 10:21

Useful. Thank you!

sumo_zr Day 1,672, 10:25

sub 2126, sub back to :
thanks in advance o/

XeMMi From Hell
XeMMi From Hell Day 1,672, 10:39


tasos maximous
tasos maximous Day 1,672, 10:42


AlexFran Day 1,672, 10:49

V + S

KOSOVA Batoa Day 1,672, 11:06

nice article v

plutorius Day 1,672, 11:20


manpaspal Day 1,672, 11:26

El pulse es el único realmente útil de toda la lista, te permite saber lo que Alexis Bonte quiere ocultar a toda costa, el daño real.

Hay que diferenciar entre pulse y egov4you, el pulse no esta caído.

Mr.Bummer Day 1,672, 12:11

eRep-stats is the BEST !!!! : )

Saxinhaw Day 1,672, 12:15


Somwhere in Time
Somwhere in Time Day 1,672, 12:21

Vote + Sub and thank you for the good words for my site (erep-stats). Verry appreciated.

xenophob Day 1,672, 12:31


Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,672, 12:34

@Merklin great job indeed..mine is just to be objective...continue with it and GL o/

T Cherub
T Cherub Day 1,672, 13:06

I wonder how that statspage is able to pull data when there is no API.... xp

PutinPOWER Day 1,672, 13:13


Fighter100 Day 1,672, 13:51


lef-7 Day 1,672, 14:02


StraightEdger Day 1,672, 14:51


The Valeyard
The Valeyard Day 1,672, 15:29

great article

xenophob Day 1,672, 15:33

@Tommy Skaue: ITS MAGIC!

djole1122 Day 1,672, 15:42

Great job o/

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,672, 16:36

ty fellows.

and about APi..i rly dont knowanything about this...i can write ticket i u want..then in edit write about this

Lipec Day 1,672, 17:52

awesome job - v+s+s

BojanKostic Day 1,672, 18:46

vote + sub

Lukaz Day 1,672, 19:47


Keelin Day 1,672, 20:39

great o/

Szeszek Day 1,672, 21:20 << eRepublik players stats

aovelhanegra Day 1,672, 23:57

after battle-watcher, its a good site to see the battles.

sher-kahn Day 1,673, 00:17

I yhink you forgot about eRepublick Advanced. That is also a very good script in my opinion.
Otherwise keep up the good work o7

RsAD Day 1,673, 00:27

good article, a site to see players stats / division would be nice (uptodate stats) like who is highest str/rank in div 3 in the world in your country etc kind of thing

Nikolaos79 Day 1,673, 02:31


Rhodesknight Day 1,673, 03:14


Mariano Neto Meriles
Mariano Neto Meriles Day 1,673, 04:33

advertising o news?? woa.. 1st time a see this on erep.. great work

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