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eNZ Ministry of Information: 1st report in January 2013

Day 1,874, 05:30 by New Zealand Public Information

Hello eKiwis,

First of all I want to begin by thanking our current President, Fanktastic for having faith in my skills and appointing me as Minister of Information for January 2013.

I want to work to make sure that all citizens remain informed about what happens in our nation and the government work. The MoI team consis of: HM, cobi63 and Krupanjac1389.

At this moment eNZ has 395 active citizens, and everyday it increases by 1-5. I hope there is no problem regarding the past month's huge multiple boom because all multiple accounts will be permanently banned and creators will be permanently punished too.

Over the past month since the updated edition not much has happened. So today I will remind you about the Otago RW and Congress.

Our Congress has been busy these past few days, passing a number of bills that are working to strengthen our nation. I have included a list of these bills:
- A mutual protection pact with Bulgaria: approved (19:0)
- A Presidential Impeachment: rejected (2:22)
- A Minimum wage change from 8 NZD to 6 NZD: rejected (1:22)
- A Minimum wage change from 8 NZD to 9 NZD: rejected (7:17).

As many of you know, our former government rented Otago to eChile, so please do not support a RW there until you are given notice it is being returned.
Please obey this order for good! Otago will not be returned yet! Thank you in advance. :)
Do not fight for New Zealand in Otago, fight for eChile instead, or go to another battle and help our allies!
Long live eNZ and CoT!

In past month NZ military forces fought to aid our allies in CoT especially helped friends in eChile to keep our original region Otago and their other conquered regions.

eNZ MU’s consist of:
Srpski Korpus
New Zealand Army
Sharks NZ
Kiwi Military Guard
NZ ARMY – COT Mobile Forces
Deathwatch Guard
Looney tunes soldier's
LightBeings Celestial Army
Silver Fern Guard
Hells Bells.

My dearest Kiwis keep up the great work and please follow your MU daily orders. The rest of the MoI team will be in charge of MU analysis and interviews.

The Ministry of Information is always looking to promote eNZ media. Here are some articles that are circling within our community news feed.

Prime Minister’s news:

MoDefence orders:

Funny corner:

And other articles you can find and choose by category here:

NZ Forum:
IRC Chat on Rizon #nzarmy

Well that is all the news for now. I would please encourage all eKiwis to keep checking the news feeds, getting on IRC and communicating with Cabinet Ministers if you have a concern.

It is great to be back and expect another eNZ MoI update soon!

Helen Moon
Minister of Information in eNZ


Koska de STRAH
Koska de STRAH Day 1,874, 05:38


Crusadercarl Day 1,874, 05:39

I a RL kiwi and believe me Otago is the asshole of NZ

However this chick has potential, i can't wait to see a photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fanktastic Day 1,874, 05:40

Thank you Helen! \o/

Tabithi Day 1,874, 05:44


Simonovic94 Day 1,874, 05:55


Borislav Gojkovic
Borislav Gojkovic Day 1,874, 05:59


Helen Moon
Helen Moon Day 1,874, 06:04

He aha te mea nui o te ao?
He tangata!

╚══`.¸ eNewZealand ✿⊱╮

P.S. The rest of the team will be more active as I really need long rest from bad ppl i have met here.
Please understand and sorry if I not reply or not help as before... Thanks in advance. Best wishes.

Mystela Day 1,874, 06:27

Helen Moon
Minister of Information in eNZ

and amazing all around great player!!

╚══`.¸ Helen Moon ✿⊱╮

Okay, okay Crusadercarl's okay too. :P

NewZealand!! o7

Mario A Morsik
Mario A Morsik Day 1,874, 06:28

Great article Helen!

Trtemrte Day 1,874, 08:21


Djeza Day 1,874, 08:47

o7 teta Helen

kawala023 Day 1,874, 13:11


CrackShotNZ Day 1,874, 14:40


EDMONDTOT Day 1,875, 14:15


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