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Entertainment Board of eIndia

Day 1,835, 11:05 Published in India India by Ruldo

Hello eIndians,

Here I am once again addressing my fellow eIndians regarding the Entertainment Board of eIndia (EBI).

From now onwards , we will now be discussing about the establishment of EBI.For that I will now be needing some eIndians as members to help me in carrying out this process.Looking at the situation going out of control as people are posting as per their wish , the establishment of EBI will lead to end of such events and will give a organized and structured manner of this system.

So , whoever wishes to participate , please mention "IN" in the comment.Please participate responsibly as a lot of work has to be done.Rewards will also given for the hard-work .

And remember , there is no security fee as everything is free !

Thank You,



Wild Quark
Wild Quark Day 1,835, 11:10

IN goodluck!

Dranze R
Dranze R Day 1,835, 12:15


ShockWavve Day 1,835, 15:18


Lonqu Day 1,835, 15:57

I said this before, I will say it again. What is the point of this regulation? Let people write what they wish.

Khurram Innocent Monster
Khurram Innocent Monster Day 1,835, 17:59

Agree with Alector!

Ruldo Day 1,836, 04:52

@alector - not anything as they wish.There must be some organised and systematic manner.

Ruldo Day 1,836, 04:53

@Wild Quark and Dinesh Raju - please spread this news to others !

Lonqu Day 1,836, 09:14

--->@alector - not anything as they wish.There must be some organised and systematic manner.

Why? What's the point?

kapahii Day 1,836, 11:04


Ruldo Day 1,836, 11:17

@alector - For making it easy for readers to read the articles.

Fighter100 Day 1,836, 12:43

Ruldo: You can't tell ppl what or what not to write in media section. people won't listen to that.


Lonqu Day 1,836, 16:07

Heh. Normally I encourage new ideas, but this is a ridiculous and pointless concept, and your answers to my queries are ridiculous. I'm not going to soften my words up because you are not a noob - you should know how the media in this game works.

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