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Els preus dels Rockets es tornen a disparar: El Q2 a 320 EGP

Day 1,942, 09:36 Published in Egypt Egypt by eArtuditu

Taula de costos de fabricació de Rockets al mercat Egipci:

Rockets Manufacturing Costs Table at Egyptian Market:

| Preu: 160.400 EGP (0.567 GOLD) | Dany: 50,000 | Dany/EGP: 311.721
| Preu: 320.800 EGP (1.135 GOLD) | Dany: 250,000 | Dany/EGP: 779.302
| Preu: 962.400 EGP (3.404 GOLD) | Dany: 500,000 | Dany/EGP: 519.534
| Preu: 1,924.800 EGP (6.809 GOLD) | Dany: 1,750,000 | Dany/EGP: 909.185
| Preu: 1,443.600 EGP (5.106 GOLD) | Dany: 2,500,000 | Dany/EGP: 1,731.782

Battle Hero Medal award (3 GOLD) in EGP: 848.100 EGP

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Ali Gual
Ali Gual Day 1,942, 11:41

Votant solitari...

Joslav Day 1,942, 23:55

Vinga nois!!!!

jo1sei Day 1,943, 10:10


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