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ElGorro for President #1

Day 1,835, 03:33 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by ElGorro
[English Version Below]

Beste Burgers van eNederland,

Ik heb besloten mijzelf verkiesbaar te stellen als Country President voor komende maand.

Waarom? Omdat ik denk dat zaken anders of beter moeten!

Een greep uit mijn plannen:

- Back on the Map -
Mijn belangrijkste doel is er voor zorgen dat we weer eigen regio's krijgen. Het belangrijkst is dat Nederland zo groot en sterk mogelijk op de kaart terug komt. Ik zal elke mogelijkheid aangrijpen om dit doel te bereiken. Tijdens eerdere regeringen onder mijn verantwoording hebben we voor soortgelijke uitdagingen gestaan. Vandaar dat ik vertrouwen heb om dit aan te pakken.

- Panem et circenses -
eNederland is aan het 'inkakken'. Leuke acties moeten worden bedacht om de community actief te houden. Ik denk bijvoorbeeld aan onverwachts een kwartier supplies uitdelen aan Nederlanders die op dat moment actief in de IRC kanalen aanwezig zijn.

- Aanstellen van Actieve Ministers -
Alleen aanstellen van Ministers die echt tijd hebben voor de functie. Mocht tijdens de termijn blijken dat dit niet het geval is, moet bijvoorbeeld overwogen worden, de Staats Secretaris meer verantwoordelijkheid te geven.

- Proactief beleid wat betreft de financiering van Supplies en Communes -
De huidige communes draaien uit op een verlies. Om dit op te lossen moet er een goede rekensom gemaakt worden naar de kosten. Een deel van de gemaakte wapens moet worden verkocht om voor een deel raws in te kopen en voor een ander deel te sparen voor grotere uitgaven, zoals Raw companies of Upgrades.

Wat al lang mist is een proactief beleid op de communes. Er wordt pas nagedacht over het upgraden van de Staatsbedrijven als de aanbieding van Plato al op de mat ligt. In die korte tijd kan een upgrade nooit meer worden uitgevoerd en loopt Nederland weer opnieuw achter de feiten aan.

- De bevolking meer betrekken bij besluitvoering -
De regering besluit nu veels te veel achter de schermen. De burgers moeten veel vaker worden betrokken bij beslissingen. Dit kan makkelijk worden gedaan door meer ingame artikels en Referendums te organiseren.

- Coaching -
Door de invoering van het nieuwe ingame Coaching programma van eRepublik, zullen de huidige Coaching programma's onder de loep genomen moeten worden en worden bijgesteld.

- Niets veranderen wat niet stuk is -

Wil je meedoen? Dan kan je ook alvast solliciteren via
Ook staan we open voor goede ideeën. Als je wil bijdragen, neem dan even contact op!

"I have one speed, I have one gear: go!"
Charlie Sheen

Met vriendelijke groet,


Stem ElGorro! Anders komt de Sint je halen!

Dear Citizens of eNetherlands,

I have decided to run for Country President for next month.

Why? Just because some things needs to be changed or improved!

Some of my plans:

- Back on the Map -
My most important goal will be to get regions back on the map. The most important thing, that the Netherlands will be on the map as big and strong as possible. I will do whatever it takes, to achieve that. In previous governments under my responsibilty we had similar challenges. I am most confident to work on this.

- Panem et circenses -
eNetherlands is slowly falling asleep. We need some cool programs, to keep the community active. I am thinking for example on giving supplies unexpectedly to everyone who has a Dutch Citizenship and is active on the IRC channel during e.g. 15 minutens.

- Only Appoint Active Ministers -
I want to only assign Ministers who are active. If this will be a problem during the term, I will consider, giving the State Secretary more power and responsibility.

- Proactive Management on Finance of Supplies and Communes -
The current communes we have is on a loss. To solve it, we should do the math better. A part of the created weapons should be sold, so there are funds available to buy raw material and save for larger spendings, like Raw companies or upgrades.

What should be there for long time, is proactive management on the communes. We start thinking on upgrades of State Companies, just after Plato releases the upgrade plans. In that short period, we are unable to upgrade and we have to wait until enough gold is transferred to the state companies.

- Involve the people more to decision of the Government -
The government is acting way too much behind curtains. Citizens should be involved by descissions more often. This can be done easily by publishing more articles or organizing Referendums

- Coaching -
Because of the implementation of the new ingame Coaching program of eRepublik, we should evaluate the current programs we have and alter them where necessary.

- Don't change anything that is not broken -

Do you want to join? You can allready apply via
We also need some fresh new ideas. If you want to contribute, please contact me!

"I have one speed, I have one gear: go!"
Charlie Sheen

With kind regards,


Vote ElGorro! Otherwise the Sint will come and get you!



MaartenW Day 1,835, 03:43


Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,835, 03:46

Good luck bro!

james janeway
james janeway Day 1,835, 04:37


Heikanu Day 1,835, 06:14

GO ElGorro :]

james janeway
james janeway Day 1,835, 07:07

Stem hem, anders komt sinterklaas je halen..

ElGorro Day 1,835, 07:14

Een klein knipoogje mag toch wel james?

Weirdstuffs Day 1,835, 07:18

Good luck!

Bloggup Day 1,835, 07:20

Comment deleted

Girlpower Day 1,835, 08:10

Aren't you already extremely busy with all your other tasks? *

djirtsdew Day 1,835, 08:10

Succes gewenst! Good luck!

Zeeuwsmeisje Day 1,835, 11:11

Good luck. Few remarks on your plans: finding active ministers and/or ss's is hard enough as it is. you won't solve this is easy as you make it sound here, I'm afraid.
For the commune, currently we are losing money, while already selling all of the wep produced to pay for raws. We would have to cut back to 1 or 2 Q7 a day if you would want to save money for other purposes.

ElGorro Day 1,835, 11:12

I never stated it would be easy, but it has to be done.

Dave Brinkman
Dave Brinkman Day 1,835, 11:13

Good luck, and i can't vote for you but if i could

ilphen Day 1,835, 11:19

best burgers of netherlands, I approve of this message

Lord Jopie
Lord Jopie Day 1,835, 12:09

Vote the monkey!

staruszek Day 1,835, 12:12

im crazy and i aaaaaaapproooove this message

Yfke van de Zand
Yfke van de Zand Day 1,835, 12:14

That monkey looks like the angry gorilla of the Blijdrop zoo :p

Shtula Day 1,835, 13:02

Goodluck mate! : )

Nictefa Day 1,835, 14:20

Good luck ElGorro. You make it sound a bit to simple to my taste and i hope you realise that. As an example, as i've been thinking about that myself; Commune work sounds nice, but Q7 is almost impossible to get to work as the amount of raws needed is way to high. To make 10 Q7's you need 2000 raw. Thats 8 Workers in a Q5 mine (The one costing gold) So thats 9 workers and each will get 1 wep then.
or if you're in a 100% bonus country everyone can get 2. Everyone knows that is not enough by far.

Kixtart Day 1,835, 14:31

Goo ElGorro. good luck

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 1,835, 18:27

Good luck! Its going to be an interesting elections.

S.Killer Day 1,835, 22:16

SInterklaas bestaat!!!!

Weekstrom Day 1,836, 00:38

Pro active on communes? What makes you think that isn't the case now? The fact that there are no people getting gold for future upgrades? There is no need for that as we have enough people abroad willing to let us work in the commune they already own. Remaining state comp owners are eDutch based and no solution for a commune so it would be a waste of gold. And there are people owning a Q7 and willing to move abroad if there would be the need. Challenge; Our law that forbids them gov functions.

Weekstrom Day 1,836, 00:41

As for the way a commune works; I'm more then interested in how you think that would actually work and can be profitable by selling tanks (and still giving supplies to the workers of course). Please show me the calculations. Al local and international calculations I know of tell the same story but you seem to have found the ultimate solution so for the good of eNL share it and lets get it to work directly!

Vlam Day 1,836, 00:52

Have to agree with Weekstrom completly here. Your plan doesn't sound all that realistic. You into fairytales lately????? ( except for getting a region back maybe)

I have higher expectations of you ElGorro.!!!
Please show some real plans, like we all know you are capable of.

ElGorro Day 1,836, 01:13

I agree with you, Weekstrom. We should move the state companies we have to people abroad to optimize things. People can always apply for honorary citizenship, to be able to join government positions.

ElGorro Day 1,836, 01:14

One of my ideas is to lower the base weapons soldiers get, to have a part of the weapons available for the market to generate money. To compensate, soldiers can earn additional weapons e.g. at coordinated strikes and some other ideas I am currently working on. That part should mainly be funded by donations. Maybe not a popular thing to do, but I am convinced it will be necessary...

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,836, 05:21

Yes, they can apply for hcs as you say, but you also know that they don't always get it, especially not if they don't post enough on forum. Why won't you just let them read our forum while they are working for us abroad?

"we should move the statecomps abroad" wasn't it your friend and partymember artemivanov that recently returned from the US with our statecomp, wich is of no value anymore now because of his unilateral decision to return to NL?

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,836, 05:25

Good luck

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,836, 05:30

You want to lower the supplies even further? Bot Dave and myself have recently lowered the supplies to 5 Q7 weapons for each worker in our communes. This is for some already to low to do their DO every day.
As for joint strikes; we just did our first one yesterday.

You are talking about donations, to give our soldiers a little extra weapons, yet you have never contributed to this yourself. You even stated on forum that you only want to donate to a succesfull rw. I wish it was that easy,

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,836, 05:36

to know upfront when a RW is going to be succesfull. So the put it all together, I hope you'll be coming with some serious plans as well, 'cause this is just not cutting it imo.

It's easy to criticize our government, but it is very hard to find active people, that are willing to contribute for a whole month or longer.

I wish you the best of luck in making better plans, and don't be shy, this government is always open to new ideas and or improvements.

ElGorro Day 1,836, 05:46

On the HC, You have to convice Congress of the need. Thats all.
On ArtemIvanov, as far as I know that company wasnt used anymore for the commune, but you can always ask him.
On Supplies, if you have a better idea to keep it at the highest amount + reserve something so we can invest in the future, let me know.
On Donations, as you state I have never contributed is a lie. Remember the funded MPP with Croatia? And I reserved a donation not for a promising chance, not a necessarily successful one

ElGorro Day 1,836, 05:51

I never said it was easy btw, van Spijck. Its a hard job. But thats something we both know.

PariahDog Day 1,836, 07:48

I don't think it's a good idea to lower the weapons workers get as payment in communes if you want to promote activity in MUs. In my personal situation with 5 Q7 weapons I won't have enough to complete 25 kills unless we're fighting against our natural enemy. Once I run out of weapons, fighting someone who has a Q7 weapon takes me well over 100 energy. This makes it terribly unattractive to complete a DO and instead I just see myself saving weapons and doing the DO just once every 2 days.

ElGorro Day 1,836, 09:02

If there is another solution I will take it but dont forget we need to prepare for a Q8 comune...

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,836, 10:09

#ElGorro; you did chip in for the CRO mpp.

@Amarant Duvall; I won't lower the supplies. We're going to work with donations to keep us at at least 5 Q7 a day, and preferable back up to 6. We just have to, to keep are military in shape.

@ElGorro, artem has a State-owned Q6 tanksfactory, wich is rather useless now he's in eNL. Before we could sell them, to help pay for the raws Dave needs.

ElGorro Day 1,836, 10:18

I will be interested in your plans how you want to upgrade the companies to Q8 when the time is there. I dont want to lower the supplies if we can find another way to prepare for the upgrade.

EASTINDIANCompany Day 1,836, 11:45

Groundhog day

Thats nothing personal i support your targets...,but without normal support we cant come back...

ArtemIvanov Day 1,836, 13:14

do not mention my name please.
3 months of vS and not a single order given to use anything for the state.

The only MU you guys are working on is the private MU, and to keep dave busy so he doesnt ask questions,.

Lord Jopie
Lord Jopie Day 1,836, 13:47

The only MU you guys are working on is the private MU, and to keep dave busy so he doesnt ask questions,. x2

Aries Prime
Aries Prime Day 1,836, 14:22

How are we not working on the government MU's?

Seriously that has been my job from day 1 and you guys even tried to vote me out of the position.

Clearly I am changing up the game and making new things happen if you guys are trying to actually vote me out.

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,836, 14:41

We, the government, are helping Dave with extra cc, while the PG communes are without government funding.

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