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eBosnian character

Day 1,886, 14:10 by klanfa

We are eBosnians..There are only about 300 of us (active players),but we are fighters who can make the biggest drain for eSerbia.:D

But,besides that..
We are also epeople who are honest,proud and lead by moral.

Here's just one example.:)

Picture 1

Picture 2

Hail eBosnia!!!
Hail EDEN!
Hail brotherhood!



Thesmos Day 1,886, 15:51

hehe ljepo od tebe, al neznam dal je postenje vrlina svih ebosanaca... nazalost

Henry Hull
Henry Hull Day 1,886, 16:13


Bresha 87
Bresha 87 Day 1,886, 17:23

Like a boss xD Mi bosanci smo uvijek bili poštenjačine, zato smo i često na*ebali što jest jest.

misterzvrk Day 1,887, 08:26


Aleks M
Aleks M Day 1,887, 11:37

Drain nedrain mi nemamo regija.

Brdar Dragan
Brdar Dragan Day 1,887, 15:35


ZmajOdPosavine Day 1,888, 11:31

sto jes', jes'!


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