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Daily Quiz - 1 Day 1916

Day 1,916, 08:08 by Manikandan Kaliyamurthi

DQ Starts.

1. What does this picture says?

2. What does this picture says?

3. What does this picture says?

Message me your ans with article title (eg: Daily Quiz - 1 Day 1916) before 1918 12:00PM

Your answer should not be like this 1. generation 2. right 3. shapes.
It Should be in sentence.

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Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,916, 08:27

enna machi tiruppi one'lengdu start aagudu..vittadhu lendhu start pannu maapu.... \o/

Manikandan Kaliyamurthi
Manikandan Kaliyamurthi Day 1,916, 08:37

parallely he can continue na.

Nagaraj Suraj
Nagaraj Suraj Day 1,917, 09:32

i have sent you the answer mani

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