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Day 2,045, 13:49 by Riba

It's over.

What started out as a joke soon became a burdon.
Fun started to feel like work, and we all hate work, don't we.
Therefore, after consulting the leader, this magazine will close.
Have fun and TC in the amazing world of eRepublik.



Maxxer03 Day 2,045, 13:55

/me sad.

Riba Day 2,045, 14:26

me too

WP Attak
WP Attak Day 2,045, 14:37


Riba Day 2,045, 14:54

oh my, the dictator of eFinland cries, i gotta be goodf )

Vohvelimies Day 2,045, 16:17

DO IT!!! DO IT!!!!!!

Jarno Kaaleppi
Jarno Kaaleppi Day 2,045, 20:43

ei tissejä ei votea

Werde1 Day 2,045, 20:58

We want more!

Harjakainen Day 2,045, 21:56

Oh no. What we read Now

GurkhaRifle Day 2,045, 23:08

Am I now the only one who offers daily boobs?

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