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Day 1,789, 14:05 by Hamturk

So it turns out nothing exciting happened in the last few days, and as a result I had nothing to update :(

Now I can bring the news of what we have been up to.

Deadly Banned

I'm sure you are all aware by now that our former MoF deadly has been banned from the game for apparently administering multiple accounts... Deadly maintains his innocence, and we will just have to wait until monday to see how the admins act.

I will now take full control of the treasury until someone else fills in for deadly as MoF, so please send any applications in PM.

Shockwavve Resigns

Following an incident on IRC which Shockwavve has refused to explain, he has decided to resign from all 3 position currently held within the government, vMoD, HoC and Minister of Immigration.

Without a valid explanation as to why he would like to resign I have decided to reject his resignation but until I can convince him to return to his position you are all welcome to send application for the 3 positions.


From tomorrow, dispatch will once again be available to members of BRATS MU (DIVISION 1 AND 2) in the form of 12 Q6 weapons and 50 Q4 food.

All members of BRATS should apply here every day and follow the battle orders issue by the government.

TW and Future Wars

The TW war will be closing in 3 days from now, and despite a few minor hiccups (Not India) everything has been going quite well, so thanks to everyone who has managed to stick to the plan and keep things running as as smoothly as possible.

I've been in talks with a few countries and EDEN over the last few days about the possibility of us having another war when this ends but as it's still in negotiation stage, I don't want to give to many details, lest I disappoint you all with false promises.

A National Census

A national census will be conducted by citizenneel as part of the MoMC, so that they may better assess our capabilities as a nation. If everyone could help out by giving a few seconds of your time to fill out this form it would be much appreciated.

I was going to keep updating on the progress of our anarchist movement but it seems to have died...

That's all for now guys.




Hamturk Day 1,789, 14:07

This is the link for the census... copy & paste it into your browser if it's not working.

Alexander Valkor II
Alexander Valkor II Day 1,789, 14:11


fran228989 Day 1,789, 15:02


prostokreten Day 1,789, 15:47


citizenneel Day 1,789, 21:26

Thanks Hamturk...please provide the true data..relevant govt. authorities who want to access census data, PM me ur gmail ID.

kapahii Day 1,789, 21:48


besides it's a nice update...

Wild Quark
Wild Quark Day 1,789, 22:19

Brilliant update! Very nicely written and easy to read.o7

Rahul k
Rahul k Day 1,790, 02:35

Done Forms and Willing to serve country again !

soumo1989 Day 1,790, 03:18

The census link is no working

Lonqu Day 1,790, 03:47


Incidentally, form is wrong. Div 4 is lv37 and above, not lv36 and above. xD

persian princess 2011
persian princess 2011 Day 1,790, 05:30

not voted lol

Hamturk Day 1,790, 06:08

The IQ of eIndia just dropped dramatically :p

BrknSword Day 1,790, 09:00

Good Luck Hamturk.

Aks1010 Day 1,790, 09:00

Tried filling in the census data. Does not let me submit the last page. Even though I selected the radio buttons for Q1 food factory and Q1 weapons factory, says that I haven't filled in the required information and does not allow me to submit.

citizenneel Day 1,790, 09:23

@suomo1989 --> copy the link and paste it in should work..

@aks1010 --> you would have missed a mandatory question..check out which question u haven't answered.

Fighter100 Day 1,790, 11:27


Rohan AnanthaKrishna
Rohan AnanthaKrishna Day 1,790, 23:38

entering bro

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