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Country President Candidates: A Campaign Article Compilation (November 2013)

Day 2,175, 09:27 Published in USA USA by Tanishq

For those of you who haven't been able to keep up with the torrent of campaign articles we've been bombarded with this month (or for those of you who'd just like a little something to refresh your memory), well, the title says it all.

Note: Candidates who have dropped out of the race since announcing candidacy are included at the end of this article; their names appear in strikethrough text.

Official candidates:

[ARAMEC4POTUS] Walking the Walk
[ARAMEC4POTUS] Das Kabinett
[ARAMEC4POTUS] Alea Iacta Est
NewAzazel: A Concession and an Endorsement

[LAP-PP] Official Nominee (LAP)

[DMJ4POTUS] With Strippers and Cocaine for All!
[DMJ4POTUS] The Big 4
[DMJ4POTUS] Get to the Polls

John Largo
[Largo4POTUS] Largo is the word
[LARGO4POTUS] Largo is Amazing

[AMP] Largo for President and an interview with Malarkey (saraht0ga)

[NAZ4POTUS] Answering the Call
[NAZ4POTUS] Building a Team
[NAZ4POTUS] Plans and Thoughts
[NAZ4POTUS] CoT’s Sleep and Final Words

[PotUS] Vote for NewAzazel! (The Mike)
NewAzazel: A Concession and an Endorsement (Aramec)

Wild Owl
[Wild Owl] It is time
[WO4PotUS] Cabinet Part I
[WO4PotUS] Cabinet Part Deux

[WO4PotUS] We Have the Scars to Prove it (SColbert)

Former candidates:

[Artela] Answering Questions
[Artela] A Surprising Turn of Events

[IRule4POTUS] What Needs to Happen

Israel Stevens
Because You Deserve a Debate
So Here is the Deal...

Tyler Bubblar
Let's Do This...... Together
Bucking the Trend

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Tanishq Day 2,175, 09:31

Will be updated as new information becomes available. Feel free to provide me with new updates in the comments below!

dmjohnston Day 2,176, 13:46

How did this get so few votes? Good collection, Tanishq.

Tanishq Day 2,176, 13:56

Thanks--yes, I hope it will get more soon.

MazzyCat Day 2,177, 11:48

What DMJ said - how did this get so few votes?


Meow! ♥

Un Foullon
Un Foullon Day 2,177, 13:29

well, here is my vote xD

I'll shout it in my party since a dont have many eUS friends

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