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CoT logo fail :D

Day 1,817, 12:29 by hellrisen

I just noticed it:

CoT logo:

Real flag of Belgium:

No comment :D




Wildrunner Day 1,817, 12:38

fail indeed! the person who made this logo was blind. fix this thing

if anyone from belgium's reading this please add me as a friend, i wanna know more people from belgium the only country from the alliance i know noone.

Pycko Day 1,817, 12:40

^^ This guy is the biggest spammer in t3h WOOOOOOOOOORLD ! DONT ADD HIM !LOLZ

Wildrunner Day 1,817, 12:43

but u still haven't removed me b!tch, have u : D
people were bored when i was 2 click x D

DGPEVO Day 1,817, 15:00

Това да е проблема на СоТ с Белгия.....ще се оправи лесно

DGPEVO Day 1,817, 15:02

@Wildrunner 2 клик-ъртите не четат статии...само работят и ренират...

LitoII Day 1,818, 17:12

уайлди – чак ся разбрах, кой/какво ми липсваше последните седмици, откакто се върнах : DD

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