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Citizenship Passes

Day 1,818, 10:41 by Goku Jones
The Citizenship System
Congressmen in the UK currently get 4 Citizenship passes from the game once they are elected. They can use these to make citizens from other countries into UK Citizens, allowing them to vote in UK elections and join UK Parties/Military Units.

The issue with having 40 Congressmen accepting whoever they like and getting the UK 160 extra players, is that some countries have had hostile groups of players get in and take over the country. Each hostile player accepted runs for Congress, gets more passes and accepts more people until they have control.

Congressmen can only be controlled within the game by their Party Presidents, with the threat of not being chosen for the Congress shortlist in the next election. There is no other way to remove them, so it is important for Parties and Congressmen to work together to keep the UK safe.

To help Congressmen and Party Presidents work together on citizenship, the UK Government has set up various ways to control Citizenship passes over the years. It has no in game authority here so it relies on Party Presidents and Congressmen to cooperate.

The current system is that Iain Keers is the Citizenship Emperor and personally decides on his own who can and cannot enter the UK.

The Issues
All Congressmen must cooperate for the Government system to work, they have the passes. Every month we tend to have a couple of newbie or quitting players who let in players without using the current Government system. This is a hole in our defences we have never been able to close.

All Party Presidents in the Top 5 Parties must also cooperate; they have the only method of controlling Congressmen. The United Kingdom Progression Party does not agree with the system so some of their Congressmen do not follow it, they have been joined in the last few weeks by New Era.

Some problems with the Governments system which have been raised are:
1) One person acting alone with total power over the system could be biased, perhaps letting in players who will join his party and not others - or bringing personal disagreements into the system.
2) Someone managing the system without UK Citizenship themselves does not feel the effects if it goes wrong, perhaps causing them to take risks they wouldn't take if they could be hurt by it going wrong.
3) This game relies on user generated content and one part of that is a Government job. One person has been given a permanent monopoly over something which could be a fun responsibility for several players.

Another problem I have spotted while writing this article is that many Citizenship Passes are wasted. 20% of the applications accepted in the last week have returned to Poland. I know that one of these players has had at least 3 UK Citizenship Passes this year.

What we know for sure is that we want to get strong new players into the UK and getting them from other countries is the easiest way. We also know that getting it wrong can lead to terrible divisions within a country, such as the problems USA has had recently. We need to work together.

My Solution
1) Automatic right of return for all former eUK players.
This could be "eBorn" here or someone who has held a position of responsibility here.
We have to heal divisions in the community and get all of our strong players back, no matter what they did. I am delighted to see Smack back in the UK today and I will be accepting any former eUKers without exception.

2) Group Quotas to prevent PTO.
A limit on the number of people coming from a single language group/alliance/country. Don't decide on individual candidates but rather on how large we allow groups to get, after all determined individuals do get in anyway. We must include allies in this as USA's problems were caused by letting too many allied Citizens in. Quotas solve the newbie Congressman issue as any random/rogue passes will count towards the quota.

3) Have the Top 5 Party Presidents decide.
They do the group quotas and have a veto over changes to the system. This just reflects their control over Congressmen and therefore Citizenship in game, giving them ownership of the system makes them more likely to cooperate with it.

4) Listen to everyone.
This may not be the best solution, one of you reading this may have a better idea. Post it! We do not have a Citizenship system is every single person in the UK is not happy with it, because it is so easy to get around it since we can't put in game controls in.

Did you like this article?
This article was written by Goku Jones, New Era Party Spokesman.

To quickly sum up what we are about, New Era is about exploring new options and methods for the future of the UK and not necessarily following the olds ways which have gone before.

New Era Party:
British Army Military Unit:

I'm experimenting with article headers and newspaper/party avatars at the moment so I'll be editing the pictures in this article a bit, they may look crap but it's a test :)

- Sage Goku


Iain Keers
Iain Keers Day 1,818, 11:46

The three issues you bring up as problems are not actually problems, since there is no evidence any of those things came up.

However as I've resigned you'll have a chance to see alternative systems shortly.

Ps. automatic right of return is a silly idea, since a lot of people who leave the UK leave to be traitors or are cheats & thieves like you were. Those people shouldn't be automatically granted citizenship.

Dr Hugh Jardon
Dr Hugh Jardon Day 1,818, 12:35

Brilliant article Goku and by not lowering yourself to insults you have shown yourself as a model eUK citizen O7

WayneKerr Day 1,818, 12:53

well its a free for all now, let the experiment begin \o/

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,818, 12:55

Those are the common arguments against Iain, not nessesarily my own views. I do belive that there is an element of bias though against people you don't like, which we can see in your "traitors, cheats & theives" comment which you use without explaination or evidence.

Fact is that if you don't have all Top 5 PPs on side then your system can't operate, you don't and it doesn't. You need to compromise and open dialogue with them to get things working again. I'm not a PP.

Lord Lewis Cromwell
Lord Lewis Cromwell Day 1,818, 17:55

2)Group quotas to prevent PTOs

A growing game-wide problem is a method people are using to avoid citizenship quotas, check etc. by moving to a neutral/less popular country where they are likely to be accepted quickly due to either different citizenship policies, more corrupt congressmen or any reason, in order to have a better chance of being accepted into the country they wanted. Someone with Iain's experience is invaluable in keeping our nation safe from these types of method.

Commander Dapper
Commander Dapper Day 1,819, 23:44

How many people will it take to PTO the UK

Come on get real !

Alfagrem Day 1,819, 00:01

About 500 Don.

Maybe only 100 if their PTO is more about orientation then theft and destruction.

Grushnag Day 1,819, 03:30

PP should also be careful who they put into congress candidate list. that's their contribution in preventing potential PTO.

Grushnag Day 1,819, 03:36

exeption would be if enough players would focus on one particular party and take it over in PP elections

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,819, 09:25

"I do belive that there is an element of bias though against people you don't like, which we can see in your "traitors, cheats & theives" comment which you use without explaination or evidence."

What explanation do you need? You were a cheat & a thief so should not have been allowed back into the UK. The evidence is in your own paper, you admitted to it. There is, however, no evidence of Iain gaining anything or being biased from his time as citizenship minister, he even approved alphabethis!

Lord Lewis Cromwell
Lord Lewis Cromwell Day 1,819, 09:57

I still believe that the people who criticise Iain for being biased are for personal reasons (omg he dint acept mi frend!!1!"), he's done a sterling job to be fair.

The very people/PP's who have spoken out about Iain and told their congressmen to ignore him after saying they'd urge their congressmen to follow that established, proven procedure will in turn ignore this procedure the moment the committee declines someone else they like.

Lord Lewis Cromwell
Lord Lewis Cromwell Day 1,819, 10:01

Therefore, if anyone's throwing their toys about it's the very PP's who care more about making statements than thinking about the effects of things. A reason that we are an attractive and well-respected NATIONAL TEAM is because we do not allow PTO risks into our NATIONAL TEAM. When we become eligible for PTO attempts and finally succumb to letting enough in to be a risk due to those waiting for a nation to enable their attempts, we'll lose that respect and that simply isn't progress.

Dr Hugh Jardon
Dr Hugh Jardon Day 1,819, 10:12

And how wasnt it personal of iain when he refused Eno? A huge tank and real life UK'er who was a nice guy whenever you spoke to him. All it came down to was he told certain people on the forum to ''f*ck off''

Thomas a TUP PP candidate was an American until recently...why was he allowed back so easily when he was a citizen of a foreign country?

Keers has repeatedly thrown a hissey fit since my time in erep threatening to leave the eUK on a fair few occasions...

Dr Hugh Jardon
Dr Hugh Jardon Day 1,819, 10:14 its common sense to have that covered. Worst comes to the worst and we are PTO'd then Iain, Yourself and a few others already have had ATO discussions so it should be an easy transition to getting the eUK back


Lord Lewis Cromwell
Lord Lewis Cromwell Day 1,819, 10:37

You're right, Hugh, when we need to fight for our basic mechanics instead of having free discussions and try to get our country back on track on a national level instead of our problems amounting to being too secure, I'm sure it will be Iain, myself and other willing servants of our national team to try and scrape together the pieces when we need ATO against foreign influences, you're very right. We won't retain new players if our welcome message is a troll statement or in Croatian.

Alphabethis Day 1,819, 10:39

"traitors or are cheats & thieves " ? Keers, you are the policeman, the judge, the jury and the executioner.

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