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Day 2,430, 09:07 Published in Australia New Zealand by VampDeath

Got a bit of extra gold and thought why not give some away, Prize is 10 that`s right 10 gold, Only catch is if you are not a member of the Australian Parliamentary Party (APP) the prize is 5 gold.
Winner will be the comment that gets the most votes so i will not even be selecting the winner to ensure no bias :D
Competition will end on eRepublik day 2,433

Join APP here :D

Well lets get down to it then hey?

I`m sure everyone will have some fun with that!!

Join APP here :D

Again just to clarify the rules:

Winner will be the comment that gets the most votes.
Only one (1) caption per person will be allowed.
If winner is a APP member prize is 10 gold.
If winner is not a APP member prize is 5 gold.
Competition will end on eRepublik day 2,433.

Join APP here :D

Good Luck to all entrants!

Now just a little congratulations to the new party president for the APP Infowar I know that he will work hard to get the APP back to the most active and informed political party in eAustralia.

Join APP here :D



Infowar Day 2,430, 10:19

Good work Vampdeath!

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,430, 11:44

'Excellent ball control Ronaldo'

'HA and you said you'd always avoid my tackle Christiano''

''Hurry up Ronaldo, there's a queue and Seaman's next'' BUUURRRMDISH

Voted and good luck guys \o/

J Seemore
J Seemore Day 2,430, 12:09

Rusty D
Rusty D Day 2,430, 16:37

'The only way Rooney can score'

Guagature Day 2,431, 00:42

"Ooooohhhh, Ronaldo. That is exactly how the Chileans do it"

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,431, 07:22

As a real life Chilean i find that deeply offensive Sir.

Guagature Day 2,432, 00:23

Thank god my comment worked

Schoft Day 2,432, 07:59

Can you tell Coleen this trick?

VampDeath Day 2,433, 01:46

And winner is Rusty D sending 5 gold your way now mate grats!

Rusty D
Rusty D Day 2,433, 03:50

cheer's, it is easy to come up with captions when you post photos of ManSpew.... oh while we are talking about ManSpew... Hugh enjoy the UEFA Cup this year

VampDeath Day 2,433, 01:46

You have successfully donated 5 Gold. If the user accepts, the amount will appear shortly in the citizen account.

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