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Belarus - Lithuania.

Day 1,582, 00:31 Published in Lithuania Lithuania by Monkey. D. Luffy

1. Lithuania Belarus Pact is expired.
2. No breach of the Pact was recorded from either party.
3. As per Paragraph 2 Belarus has to pay 30 golds following the fact that all conditions of the Pact were fulfilled. Gold shall be transferred to personal account of Lithuanian CP (
4. Upon payment of such 30 golds to Lithuania the Pact will be considered complete. Therefore Parties shall be eligible to withdraw the mortgage deposit.
5. The Pact (in the old reading) will not be extended to further periods.

President of Lithuania,



Dzej Kavuj
Dzej Kavuj Day 1,582, 00:37

President of the Republic of Belarus, EuroukrX.

Short Circuit
Short Circuit Day 1,582, 01:45

There was an error in profile number, you should transfer to instead.

Signed, President of Lithuanian Bank, Klumpakojis.

Dzej Kavuj
Dzej Kavuj Day 1,582, 01:49

>klumpakojis 1m ago
>There was an error...

Please pardon.
The agreement signed by the presidents.

Lurk Day 1,582, 02:03

klumpakojis GTFO

Ex Nihilo
Ex Nihilo Day 1,582, 02:04

klumpakojis +1 :DDD

Magnus Dux
Magnus Dux Day 1,582, 02:06

Nice joke indeed (:

Monkey. D. Luffy
Monkey. D. Luffy Day 1,582, 02:30

@EuroukrX Klumpakojis is trolling.

Dzej Kavuj
Dzej Kavuj Day 1,582, 02:32

Ok )
I have a problem with sarcasm )

Samdinys Day 1,582, 04:04

Klumpakojis, you greedy bastard, how could you? That's a half of belarussian national gold reserve!

Dzej Kavuj
Dzej Kavuj Day 1,582, 04:09

>That's a half of belarussian national gold reserve!


Lurk Day 1,582, 04:33


Monkey. D. Luffy
Monkey. D. Luffy Day 1,582, 04:51

Don`t get offended, EuroukrX, they`re just joking : )

Pacukass Day 1,582, 05:38

EuroukrXDay 1,582, 04:09
1h 24m ago
>That's a half of belarussian national gold reserve!


Hуо када Балтарусу президентас шпрехина лиетувишкаи?

Уж тевине!!!
Клумпакойис +1

Vaicius Day 1,582, 06:00

нуо тада каи ъра гоогле жертеяс :]]

Tautis_LT Day 1,582, 09:38

wahahaha djpacuk&Vaizius +1111111111 :DDDD

Sebastian Vettell
Sebastian Vettell Day 1,582, 09:51

Voted vien už komentarus )

gliookas II
gliookas II Day 1,582, 10:04

Reiskias, kai po rimtu reikalu trolina savi - viskas ok, ar ne. saunu.

DrMonte Day 1,582, 11:24

Pergyveni, kad iš tavo komentarų niekas nesijuokia?

gliookas II
gliookas II Day 1,582, 13:12

Ne, as pergyvenu del jusu. tendencingai...

Funnyte Day 1,582, 13:29

Nu komentarai tai nerealūs...:]

Tautis_LT Day 1,582, 13:42

gliookai, žiūrėk pozityviai - tu jau tiek pritrolinai (ir juokingai ir nelabai), kad jau tiesiog nebeliko jėgų dar kažkaip reaguot. Nauji vėjai visad gaiviau pučia, nereaguok taip jautriai tu gi visad liksi aukso eros prezidentas, karalius saulė na ir nieks nenuginčys, kad tiesiog neeilinė asmenybė

gliookas II
gliookas II Day 1,583, 05:05

Tauti, as tai ne tai kad kazka cia jauciu tokio ar pritariu ar ne... Nu man tik siek tiek juokinga, kad visi, kas taip ant manes stume, eina lygiai tuo paciu keliu, taip nukryziudami ne velnio nepasimoke ;] Cia labiau graudu negu... Nu esme. Ne mano reikalas

Lorenzo Anello
Lorenzo Anello Day 1,583, 09:49


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