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Be smart v2.1745

Day 1,745, 19:38 by The Dark J0ker

Hello my readers, today I have time to write some article because I have few days off from work. Yesterday was special day for me, something nice happen 28 years ago ;)

Ecaxtly 80 days ago I wrote an article Trip around eWorld in eighty days where I was trying to collect all countries of the eWorld for my True Patriot History. I know it would be hard, hundreds of messages sent and dozens forum registration for application for citizenship but I couldn’t make it :/

Some countries have congress but they are deleted, some smaller countries doesn’t have congress some countries doesn’t have active battles and that is main reason I failed.

I’m suprised that some congressman doesn’t even answer me on my question what I need to do for their CS, but I was most disappointed when I tried get CS in China and Saudi Arabia.

I had China CS around a year ago and I was normal citizen, paying their taxes and all and practically they were earning on me, they are great ally of eCroatia and I filled the form few citizens of eWorld send PM that they are guarantee for me, including current president of eCroatia, but they rejected my application without any explanation :/

In Saudi Arabia was different situation, small country, only few hundreds of players, I was thinking, ok maybe they doesn’t have any CS to give - I know their president and he could vouch for me, but he couldn’t give me CS - he sent me to their minister of immigration and he wanted 10 gold for CS - I said to him that I’m collecting CS and I don’t want to pay for them - It’s matter of principle - it’s easy to buy CS for all countries or collect them with cheating - I wanted do this on honest way :)

But he clearly told me that he’ll rather waste their citizenship to give than give it to me :/ - ironically before that day I did over 10 M dmg in some RW for Saudi Arabia - but I won’t do that mistake anymore :)

It’s most fascinating thing that eChina and eSaudi Arabia immigration officers would rather waste their citizenship to give than help their friend :/That just shows what kind of people they are, but that’s their problem, not mine :)

I managed to collect citizenship from 39 of 70 countries in the eWorld, but I’ll try to collect them all beside everything. I do this just for fun, my master plan was that my profile page be “heavier” for few kB and because of that “they” would need to buy new server xD

Countries where I couldn’t get citizenship:

Argentina, Austria, Bolivia, China, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Iran, Japan, Mexico, North Korea, Norway, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Republic of China (Taiwan), Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay and Venezuela.

If you can help me to get citizenship in one of this countries I would apprieciate it :D

I want to thank my friends and their congressmen who helped me achieve this 39 citizenship and I know that many other friends will help me to reach as close as possible to magic number 70.

If you were reading my past articles I’m sure you read my article almost a year old - Be Smart where I just giving advices to players to help them and this article should be preety same :)

Many friends ask me why I don’t write articles about economy anymore - answer was simple - there isn’t much economy here.

Is economy when you produce 70.000 raw material per day but you need only few thousands?
Is economy when you produce 500 weapons per day but you need only 25?
Is economy when you produce 2000 food per day but you need only 250?
Is economy when you give 20 gold for licence because you see that you can earn by exporting products and “someone” change price and you can’t sell there anymore?
Is economy when you give almost 700 gold for Q7 company and “someone” puts price where you are losing money first week?
Is economy when you invest over 300.000 CC in raw companies and “someone” change price of raw from 0.33 to 0.03?
Is economy when you invest over 300.000 CC in raw companies when 1 gold = 500 CC and in few months 1 gold ~ 3000 CC?
is economy when you buy 300 gold and change it in second to CC but when you need to change it back to gold you’ll need at least 30 days for it?

Remember, this isn’t economy, I would call it a lottery!

Nobody is buying most of the products, overproduction is too big for most of the products - a tool invented to fix that is “someone” - I’m sure you know it who invented it :)

Now we have Q7 weapons and nobody will use Q1-Q6 weps - they are only used for rockets but rockets are useless now because who will give over 7 gold at the moment for 1 million rocket when most of the players can do over 2 M with food fight.

Higher Q of food is useless, who will buy Q5 food for 0.7 if 5 Q1 food is 0.55 CC?

All that products are bought by “someone”.

When someone’s father started to change “someone’s” default price we have a huge loss in our profits and instability started - raw from 0.33 to 0.03, Q5 food from 3.30 to 0.60...

I’m very happy to see that CC is worth a lot more than few months ago, but I don’t think so it’s because of us - it’s because “someone” decided to make us a little happy.

I understand with change in military module and implementation of divisions we have more gold from every BH medal - we had 5, now we have 14 gold on every side - but I don’t think so that with this change CC will rise 4 times in few months.

When they implemented rockets that was good change too for CC, because people were changing gold for CC just for building rockets - but that was only few weeks - because rockets are now used really rarely because with implementation of Q7 weps I think they’re useless :/

When we have airstrike week countries were changing gold and buying CC and food for airstikes - but that was only one week too

Because there isn’t logic explanation for what’s going on - we had over 800 pages of CC on monetary market with price 0.001 gold, gold started to fall from 1 gold = 3000 to 1 gold = 1000 and even then there was over 500 pages of CC for 0.001 gold.

I understand that people removed offers for 0.001 gold and buying gold directly but now we have over 500 pages of currency for 0.002 and I think there are almost same amount of currency in eWorld but “someone” is hired on monetary market for sure :)

I remember when someone show me screenshot when “someone” bought his offer on MM - 20 gold at once - he had national org - but you should know that even when you buy CC with national org you can buy only 10 gold at the time - that is proof that “someone” is working on MM too :)

Almost half year ago I wrote article how I earned a over 42k CC in one day with many licenses but with the changes of the “someone’s” default price that isn’t possible anymore :/

20 gold for new license isn’t worth it at the moment.

I hope I didn’t frighten you with my talk about no economy and lottery, here you can earn a lot gold per day but that doesn’t mean you’ll earn it tomorrow at the same way :/

First thing you MUST do if you want to earn some money here and be a profitable businessman you must calculate your profit or loss!

And that is pretty easy: sum all of your income from your products and from that number just deduct all expenses :)

Many of you doesn’t do that at all!

Did you know if you are working as manager in Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 weapon company that you are losing money?

I know many of you didn’t know that!

I’m currently in Poland and I used for calculation prices, bonuses and taxes from there:

First I wanna sorry for my first readers today, I had some big mistake in my table but I corrected it as soon as I woke up :D

And you can see that now with relative high price for WRM (0.22) and low price of weapons working as manager in Q1-Q4 company doesn’t worth it!

But in every food company because of low price of FRM (0.04) working as manager is profitable :)

And you can see that is Q6 weapon company more profitable than Q7 at the moment!

In next table you can see calculation when you have workers:

I’m very suprised how many new players have workers even in Q1 companies just because they can - because they didn’t calculate if is that profitable - you can see that isn’t - only in Q6 and Q7 companies is profitable to have workers

It's interesting that you can have more profit in Q6 weapon company than in Q7 and that you can have more profit in Q7 food than in Q7 wep - despite the fact Q7 weapon is top product in eRepublik

Next table is very interesting:

I’m sure you all know what is return on investment - how many time you need to earn that money you invested :) You can see prices of companies, but I don’t think you’ll upgrade it when isn’t 44% discount :)

You can see that with today’s prices and situation in Poland you can return whole investment (693.2 gold) in your Q7 weapon company in 1214 days! That's almost 3 and a half years!

But you can dissolve that company and you’ll lose just 78.2 gold (Price of company deducted by gold you receive by dissolve) and you can return that gold in 345 days!

With today's prices it's better to have Q6 company than Q7, but that's today's situation, who knows what will be tomorrow - I said it to you, it's a lottery

Please don't ask me where you should invest your money, I can tell you what is profitable today, but who knows what will be tomorrow - it's a lottery!

If you don't have money for Q6 company, my advice will be build saltpeter companies when the price of WRM is high :)

I’m sure that many of you are too lazy or just don’t have time to do calculations by yourself and because of that I’ll share my spreadsheet with you :D

You have there few more interesting calculations - costs of rockets (Q4 now costs over 7 gold), costs of 240 fights with Q7 wep (now it’s 1.92 gold) and you have calculations of profit in raw companies too.

I hope you know to use google docs.

I didn’t know how to give you rights for edit just few cells you need to edit (I know to give you rights to edit all sheet, but too many people = too many chance to delete some formula).

Everything you need to do is go down on name of the sheet and just click copy and you can copy it to some of your docs. There you can edit it how much you want - if you do something wrong come back and copy it again :D

We have new changes about consuming food and now we have energy instead of health and we have a page with all new updates . Too bad we didn’t got that page after V1 we would have now over 100 pages to read :D

With this update we got two things:

1) Food fight is now doubled = for BH you’ll need more damage - in division 4 that’s over 3 million damage
2) We can sleep less - I could sleep 6:59 before and now I can sleep 6:29 :/ - I’m expecting implementation of new residence +200 energy - we want more sleep :)

Just last advice - you can see new promotion where 1 energy bar gives you 200 energy - I hope you know that every day your strength and rank is rising - best way to use energy bar is not to use it today :)

You can calculate how much damage and rank points you can do today with 100 energy bars and how much you can do in 30 days or even more?

I agree that today’s promotion with 200 energy with energy bar is great but I hope you learnt that here is just matter of time when will some promotion will be repeated :)

If I helped at least one of my readers with this article I’m happy

Have a nice day!



The Dark J0ker
The Dark J0ker Day 1,745, 19:39

Noone is first \o/

I'm noone then xD

Shamrock_One Day 1,745, 19:56

A, ništa onda, ja sam drugi... ;P

Yocimishu Day 1,745, 19:57

Bookmarked, now I must go on exam, but will read it to the details when I come back to home. o7


Drainer28 Day 1,745, 19:59


Maya_The_Bee Day 1,745, 20:00


melga Day 1,745, 20:05

I'm not getting your calculations on Q7, for instance:

49.7*20=994 Value from selling
0.22*4000=880 Price of raw materials
994-880=114 Profit without wage per worker

Where does that 440 comes from?

In a weapons raw Q5, for instance the profit can be high also, somedays ago it was higher than Q7 guns a lot of days:

500*0.21 (I use 0.21 to ensure a quick sale)=105 (profit without wage).

Not bad.

Alex.L Day 1,745, 20:06

"but you should know that even when you buy CC with national org you can buy only 10 gold at the time - that is proof that “someone” is working on MM to"

Not true, National Orgs don't have any kind of limit when working on MM.
There WAS limit of 10 gold at once (but unlimited amount daily) it's been gone since admins introduced global currency.

Willy Gray
Willy Gray Day 1,745, 20:07

There's bound to be a ton of love for something in this binary prison to cause such a tremendous amount of effort...

Plavi 1992
Plavi 1992 Day 1,745, 20:08

ma ti si puko, TOTALNO!

dS-SR \o/

carlos555 Day 1,745, 20:14

very a nice article but with one very serious mistake in your calculations. q7 weapons need 200 raw materials and not 100 that your calculations are based on. so as you can understand the profit at a q7 weapon company in one day with 10 workers isn't 7 gold but you must be happy if you have any profit at all.

SexyCicko Day 1,745, 20:26

jap, orgovi nemaju nikakav limit vise, ali ima par pizdarija s orgovima, al to samo dijelim s prijateljima info xD

iLeks Day 1,745, 21:15

carlos555, yeap, he make a big mistake in this table... )))

adz_veliki Day 1,745, 21:30


Agrammon Day 1,745, 22:06

v i odi spat

Zvijer69 Day 1,745, 22:13


MissModesty Day 1,745, 22:14

good job

dekodee Day 1,745, 22:37

voted hard

uxini Day 1,745, 23:22

RIP economic module

neo_Ryan Day 1,745, 23:48

RIP economic module 2x

Dryblas Day 1,746, 00:08

Voted, nice article.
I can understand China. They don't want to be next USA and we have to respect their decision.

mcmoox Day 1,746, 00:12

za pasos UAE mozemo videti nesto...

MCMOOX je bio ovde!!!

struntzy Day 1,746, 00:17

Comment deleted

Kpakep4e Day 1,746, 00:29


pogonici Day 1,746, 00:42

RIP economic module

Ambrosius77 Day 1,746, 01:12

There are several mistakes in calculation:

You forgot subtracting the raw cost and tax in q7 weapons.

in Poland q7 raw cost per weapon is 42-44CC, worker cost is 4,5CC and tax is 1CC (2%)
I would be happy making 7 gold in one q7 factory. I hardly make 200CC with 10 workers.

Ambrosius77 Day 1,746, 01:13

And I would be surprised if you could sell q7 food for 1.88....

The Dark J0ker
The Dark J0ker Day 1,746, 02:24

F*ck, I had calculations 100 raw per Q7 wep

I was searching for info at wiki, but I couldnt find it, I thought If you need 600 raw for Q6 wep where is firepower 60 it would be 1000 raw where is firepower 100 (:

I'll change it right away, sorry for that mistake

Prices I took from market I can't do anything with that (:

Ok that rule for orgs on MM is now, but when this buying of 20 gold happen, that wasn't possible (:

dream cro
dream cro Day 1,746, 02:57

prvi xD

Argessos Day 1,746, 03:09


Igor the vampire
Igor the vampire Day 1,746, 03:11

"Remember, this isn’t economy, I would call it a lottery!"

Gunner_V Day 1,746, 03:13

yea, q7 food is highly profitable, but who buys q7 food?

who normal would buy q7 food?

Marimahovina Day 1,746, 03:14

nice dsokre , samo nastavi!!

Malastrazas Day 1,746, 03:15


Jeremy Jeong
Jeremy Jeong Day 1,746, 03:16


marjansp Day 1,746, 03:18


Absentee Day 1,746, 03:21

lijepo je opet vidjet tvoj clanak : )

W.A.R Day 1,746, 03:27

this game got so boring, I can't even find the energy to get more subs than you.

Setiii83 Day 1,746, 03:29
profitability calculator !

Papa Francisco I
Papa Francisco I Day 1,746, 03:31

Helped Me! Thankx man!

leanabele Day 1,746, 03:32


Ariovistus Day 1,746, 03:42

Pakistan has no Congress either : (

piast19 Day 1,746, 03:42


trbovc Day 1,746, 03:44

Remember, this isn’t economy, I would call it a lottery!

keskese Day 1,746, 03:45

dobar clanak. votinho

jaywalker71 Day 1,746, 03:46

Don't let the game decide how much you sleep, that's not good... I don't give a duck poop about missing few hours erep time and now I live a life without eStress.

Duska Arhitekta
Duska Arhitekta Day 1,746, 03:46

nice : )

Gillighan McGill
Gillighan McGill Day 1,746, 03:46


Duska Arhitekta
Duska Arhitekta Day 1,746, 03:47

nice : )

SirUnna Day 1,746, 03:54

An excellent article!

cecenija Day 1,746, 04:02


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