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Be awesome, learn and be you!

Day 1,812, 17:46 by Luis Nordmann

Hello fellow Americans

Today I bring you a brief article about a few very important things we should keep in mind while cooperating in our society. You’ll find out the lack of this behaviors is mainly what happens in many of the AFA members.

First of all, I am pleased to inform you that this newspaper, as the new banner confirms, was added to the new American News Network. This network is being built in order to spread informative and high quality articles. I hope, together with you to keep up “The Drunk Donkey” a quality newspaper.

Now let’s go back to the topic.

Mood Music:

Letter to all new players who want to participate in our society and be loyal citizens of USA:

First of all, start slowly. Join a party you feel welcome, there are many options, you have the AMP, Federative Party, United States Workers Party, We the People and of course, the 6th parties. You may wonder why I didn’t mention AFA... well, here’s the reason why: AFA although being the first party on the list due to the highest number of members, it is a terrorist party lead mainly by Serbians who’s goal is to politically take-over our nation. We can’t allow that, we have to protect our country sovereignty, for that, as any member of our society, please participate in the Anti Take-over efforts always and stay tuned to the news about the candidates, both for the Congressionals, Party Presidentials and Country Presidentials.

Disclaimer: The author is sorry for not finding anywhere besides the erepublik page a picture of the We the People party, hence why I didn't add it on that banner. If any member of the WTP would like to have it there, please send me a link of your avatar image.

After joining a party where you can actually feel good and welcome, be active and ask to be assigned a job if you want to help. Most party presidents will give you a chance by giving you a small job to see how you do. Don’t try to overcome this by asking for big roles, at this time people don’t know you and won’t trust you big roles yet, you have to be patient and be good at whatever you do.

When you are enough acquainted in the party, you can start thinking about government department roles, here once more I suggest, start slow. Start from like an ambassador, show work and a strong, reliable image. You can apply for the Department of State here:Ambassador Application Form

You won’t build a good name on yourself from one day to the next, it is necessary to work hard, to have motivation, to persevere and insist. Remember, you only have one shot, it takes only a few seconds to ruin your reputation and it takes a hell a lot of time to rebuild it and get people to trust you. You have the example of Ronald Gipper Reagan who ruined his reputation more than once, now no one trusts him and the whole country unites against his bid. Yeah F*** AFA and RGR.

Never slack whatever work you get assigned to do, make sure your tittle is well earned and always do the tasks before your boss even asks you to do them. This is what I call initiative, don’t wait for other people to do your job or to do something you feel like needs to be done, just go ahead and get it done.

Of course there will be quiet hectic decisive moments, when mere good intentions are not enough. This is when you’re being demanded courage, creativity and an unquestionable fighting spirit.

One last warning: Beware of the trolls. There will be certain individuals who will try to make you loose motivation due to their massive trolling. Do not feed the trolls! If you want to suggest something, do something carefully thought and constructed so it can keep people attention.

Besides all this, remenber: Reputation is very important, keep it clean.

Other than that, be yourself and don’t be afraid, we are all here to help, we are all.. Team America!

Newspaper Election Section

Please vote for the Unity, vote for Sovereignty, vote for our guard dog...

Vote Cerb!!!

I hope you all enjoyed this time on my newspaper and stay tuned! More will come soon...
If you would like to ask me anything, feel free to send me a Private Message.




Bruce Killah
Bruce Killah Day 1,812, 17:54

Great article bro, very informative

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Day 1,812, 18:06

a very good written article Dr.Luis o/

bigcdizzle Day 1,812, 18:11

hurray for Sexy time!

emdoublegee Day 1,812, 18:14

Yeah DLS! Way to lay it out there for them

TroyannForc Day 1,812, 18:19


TorrinTheGreat Day 1,812, 18:22

Nice,But why is it all italicized

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Day 1,812, 18:25

It's the format Torrin. I like it that way and people usually don't complain (:

Candor Day 1,812, 20:02

Complaint: Why all the italicizing?

jk, nice work, enjoyed reading it, V+S=

JetonGreenMan Day 1,812, 20:25

V+S for music alone... Didn't even read the article (lost in the Zimmer) but I'm sure its great

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Day 1,813, 02:44

Excellent article. The state department will miss you!

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,813, 04:52


menon111 Day 1,813, 06:23

great article!!!!

Tony Rumor
Tony Rumor Day 1,813, 06:23

Great vote.

fingerguns Day 1,813, 17:33

I failed to comment on this article in a timely manner. I will make up for that by talking about it on eNPR.

Please forgive me.

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