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Bank of eIsrael!

Day 2,007, 06:36 Published in Israel USA by Organizatia Ursilor Bruni

Hi to everyone! This idea came to me not so long time ago...
I had some questions: “how to help to develop our economy?”, “how to grow as a community?”, and of course, the answer came to me! The Bank of eIsrael!

We are going to open a loaning system, in a low rate for all the Israeli citizens.
Well... not for everyone, there will be few requirements:

-Israeli Citizenship
-Being at least Division 2
-Have more than 30 days in the game
-A recommendation from your Commander*

*Optional, still in a discussion.

I created little survey in order to see how much money would need to own and would be the rate. You’ll be informed soon.

Please complete the form here.

The CP and the Cabinet are supporting this organization.

Sisk: "How do you know that people will pay back the loan?"
danis1982: Well, i believe in the good intention of the people. This money will be to help to all the Israeli people. So i believe that as Israelis we want to help one to each other. What will happen if someone don't give back the money... its still under debate, but we will see.

CEO of Bank of eIsrael


RoaiTG Day 2,007, 06:38


I love Money
I love Money Day 2,007, 06:44


Sisk Day 2,007, 06:48

how do you know that people will pay back the loan

Admiral General Mickey
Admiral General Mickey Day 2,007, 06:50

Well if they not, they will have to take the sercumstences

SandalaiM Day 2,007, 06:56

what will be the sercumstences?

Admiral General Mickey
Admiral General Mickey Day 2,007, 06:57

You can ask Danis about it

Sisk Day 2,007, 06:58

there is nothing that you can make people to pay you back the loan

danis1982 Day 2,007, 06:51

In God We Trust

Organizatia Ursilor Bruni
Organizatia Ursilor Bruni Day 2,007, 06:58

Answer in the article

Admiral General Mickey
Admiral General Mickey Day 2,007, 06:50


liransin Day 2,007, 06:56

good luck

SandalaiM Day 2,007, 06:57

nice idea but how do you know people will pay you back?

Organizatia Ursilor Bruni
Organizatia Ursilor Bruni Day 2,007, 06:58

Answer in the article

Sergeant Spring
Sergeant Spring Day 2,007, 07:03

GL guys... let's hope this help's some yonuglings...

TaoLaoTzu Day 2,007, 07:26


We once had something like that. Great idea to bring it back, will help the community

Asaf1999 Day 2,007, 07:55

Good luck!

MrBannana Day 2,007, 08:03

Good luck!
hopeful it help us

NewSaver Day 2,007, 08:05

אנגלית דיי רעה. הייתי מצפה ממשהו שמוכר ע"י הממשלה שינוסח כמו שצריך... גם בטופס יש טעויות רבות. הטופס עצמו לא מנוהל טוב. ממש נראה חובבני.

כדאי גם לפתוח את הבנק למי שאין אזרחות ישראלית אבל בחיים האמיתיים הוא כן. אבל לא משנה כל כך...
באמת שאם אני צריך גולד או כסף אני אישית יכל לארגן הרבה מאוד מחברים ואפילו יש כאלה שלא ירצו לקחת את זה חזרה, בטח ובטח שלא גובים יותר.


NewSaver Day 2,007, 08:06

אבל זה יכל לעזור מאוד לאנשים במידה ולא תגבו הרבה.

danis1982 Day 2,007, 08:13

Newsaver... you can send me the טעויות so i can fix them, i will have no problem, thanks for the ideas...we are still in a "pilot" period. I don't want to use the money of the state for this and i ask for an unused organization from the government.

NewSaver Day 2,007, 08:22
תיקנתי כל משפט פה. וגם בטופס יש מלא טעויות.

Organizatia Ursilor Bruni
Organizatia Ursilor Bruni Day 2,008, 00:14

Thanks mate, i will try to be more careful next time.

Filthy McNasty
Filthy McNasty Day 2,007, 08:14

terrible idea because there is no game mechanics that will make a person pay the loan back

danis1982 Day 2,007, 08:15

Answer in the article

Filthy McNasty
Filthy McNasty Day 2,007, 08:17

the only answer to the question i see was this "its still under debate, but we will see."

danis1982 Day 2,007, 08:27

That is exactly the anszer

Filthy McNasty
Filthy McNasty Day 2,007, 08:53

that is not an answer that is you saying "i don't know how we could make them pay it back" confirming what i said in the first place that there is nothing in the game mechanics that can make a person pay the money back

Organizatia Ursilor Bruni
Organizatia Ursilor Bruni Day 2,007, 14:34

Your are right we cannot force people to pay back... thats why we have the requirments...we are not going to give money to whoever wants to get money...then if he/she dont pay back...well we cannot send them to jail.... the rest is still under analysis.

Filthy McNasty
Filthy McNasty Day 2,007, 16:41

the best thing to do in a situation like this is to just delete the article and admit to yourself that you had a bad idea. i notice this article got loads of votes compared to an intelligent article written by Hunter Willis who right now may only have 14 votes... why is this... because everyone would love to get some of the tax money back in their pocket instead of thinking of something good to happen to their country... furthermore i can see this whole thing turning into a good ol boy thing... where only your friends are the ones who gets the loans... its a dumb idea go back to the drawing board

danis1982 Day 2,008, 00:11

Mate if you dont like the idea, is not my problem, if you think that is to risk, i understand. But besides that... i think that this will help a lot of Israeli people to develop their selfs.

Filthy McNasty Day 2,007, 08:16

Comment deleted

esrael FTW
esrael FTW Day 2,007, 08:19

That's a good cause. How can I donate to the bank?

danis1982 Day 2,007, 08:27

Thank you very much but for the moment i will not risk others money.

Filthy McNasty
Filthy McNasty Day 2,007, 12:47

all this government money you are talking about IS other peoples money ... and to esrael FTW if you would like to help ppl out the best way to do it is to find the people yourself

MiczuTG Day 2,007, 08:22

Great Idea ! Vote

Eliokem Day 2,007, 08:34

Good luck!

a neria
a neria Day 2,007, 08:57


John TG
John TG Day 2,007, 11:44


Perfect.Knight Day 2,008, 21:15

i remember the times we had couple of national banks..

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