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American Pride.

Day 1,907, 05:17 by kody5

I had a talk with a friend about this game and it really brought up some thoughts about the old days,
back when people enjoyed this game and we had a patriotic proudness, to have that USA cit on my account.

We so called oldfags have the responsibility to bring what we loved back then to the new people today, but the problem i see is, there is less and less new people to look over and watch and be proud as they grow.
They come and they leave the next day because we don't give them a reason to stay.

I remember when Josh Frost started the Seals, when we pushed far across our borders to tank the shit out of a wall, and we were proud as hell coming back home after that, lose or win.
We had a reason to troll the living hell out of Serbia or Hungary because we had fun.
This has never had anything to do with how the admins treat this game, this was always because we had a reason to play.
We as e-Americans squabble over pathetic reasons such as Unity elections or the "How the JCS are the traitors of the country".
I don't see how this makes this game better, it doesn't matter what alliance we fight with or who we MPP either, it only matters that we can stand together ,when it matters.
I remember another time ,during emerick's first presidency when the entire alliance of Phoenix owned 49 of our states and we had our last in Florida. When we pushed back, it was glorious ,we didn't sit around and ask who the hell let us get wiped in the first place, we didn't throw blame on people for no dam reason just to save face with the public because the public didn't care. We fought for our nation because that was what we needed to do.

Compared to then our country is terrible, we are losing our power in the world.
We let people Like Ajay interrupt our country the way he has when, who gives a shit about Ajay?

We have turned into a nation of Lazy bastards that wont do a dam thing anymore.
I still love my eNation and I don't want to see us scatter to a nation that the world could give 2 shits about, i want some relevancy, I want some cockiness in my voice when i talk, i want to be able to tell a country like Serbia or Poland to fuck off and be able to face them head on, win or lose..

I just want to see my country have some pride, Like we all once had, when we used to fuck some shit up and we didn't care about the consequences, because we stood together as a nation.

I decided to write this and put it where i know it would be found by the people that could actually change something in our country, and this is my plea to you all, we need something to raise our nations pride.
We had more pride when our country was wiped.



kody5 Day 1,907, 05:23


Lord Phenome
Lord Phenome Day 1,907, 05:24

I wish to see days like the old ones that you talk about.

SinaAria Day 1,907, 05:27

V. finally someone who wrote this when it would actually get read.

kody5 Day 1,907, 05:29

I find myself going over the eWiki often, memories of those days are all that is left,
Maybe one day we can have our own day like those.

Tim_Holtz Day 1,907, 05:47

eNostalgia is not only in eUS, its very similar in eAustralia

longing for the good old days

KOSOVA Xhemshit Smajli
KOSOVA Xhemshit Smajli Day 1,907, 05:48


Derrick Moris
Derrick Moris Day 1,907, 05:49

Damn right!

LitoII Day 1,907, 05:50


fingerguns Day 1,907, 05:56

It's part Admin changes and part burnout.

The people are who make this game great. We've lost some amazing players, but we need to make sure we are cultivating new ones so this game is great for others.

Just think, RIGHT NOW will be considered the 'good old days' to someone in the future. Weird.

Tiacha Day 1,907, 07:20

I love you, Kody.

ligtreb Day 1,907, 07:24

Well said.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,907, 11:00

YEAH, evreyone show some Amercian pride!

You care SO much you did not even bother to spell-check your article title.

inb4 correction.

kody5 Day 1,907, 15:22

lawl, such a fagget RGR

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,907, 16:29

Great stuff, Kody.

Deepchill Day 1,907, 16:34

Nicely said.

redbirdusa Day 1,907, 17:58

Pride first!

Well said and I do remember the Florida days we were united and fought back hard with pride to get our land back, I would do it again.


Gnilraps Day 1,907, 18:08

I remember too.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,907, 18:19

I received this message today from a friend on my list and I found it relevant:

"When I was just a wee lad, North America was invaded for the first time in erep history, I'm sure you remember World War III~

Things were looking bleak, my country had been fully occupied, which was a much bigger deal back in the day. Then I woke up one morning to find that, a day after the fall of Ontario we had succeeded in freeing the Maritime regions from British occupation. It was a victory, but these regions lacked the infrastructure and population to serve as an effective fortress from which Canada could rebuild, we were afraid that any hospitals placed there would be destroyed immediately.

So we set our sights on Alberta, the last British colony in North America. It was a high grain region with a naturally high population and a good deal of companies, and the UK was our weakest occupier. However our first attempt failed. Immediately the UK set out to populate and defend their last colony, rumours of a high quality defense system and hospital came to light, we had to act quickly. And so we mustered ourselves for one last go at it, but the UK spent all the resources to fight us off, enlisting the aid of the famous PEACE tank Euphonix, among others. They eventually built their wall up so high that the battle looked lost.

A few days earlier the US had signed a peace treaty with the invaders. Just browse the comments, and you may be able to tell that here in Canada, we couldn't help but feel betrayed and abandoned.

But that would prove not to be the case, when our need was dire in Alberta, allies from around the world showed up, and in the last minutes were able to push that wall well underground. And I saw those marine avatars flying across the battlefield, and I knew then how wrong I had been to think that we'd been abandoned."

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,907, 18:22

Pride and honor, I remember it well.

John Largo
John Largo Day 1,907, 18:23


Joseph Dinero
Joseph Dinero Day 1,907, 18:25

Nice article...

Am I the first one to see boobs in that pic?

Jon873 Day 1,907, 18:29

Nice Article.

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Day 1,907, 18:34

awww, FG thinks people will remember her presidency.

Liquid Oxygen
Liquid Oxygen Day 1,907, 18:51

Ya know, there IS still a place where epic tank rushing is possible.

Mr Crumpets
Mr Crumpets Day 1,907, 18:56

Here's an article explaining why treaties (especially those counter-signed by fingerguns) are no good...

Thedillpickl Day 1,908, 03:47

I remember buying some Q1 or Q2 food, maybe some Q3 weapons, following DoD orders and clicking the fight button a few times.Occasionally the wall actually moved! Now I show up, put in my 2m damage and leave without changing a thing. GoW is like making Brownie troop captn.

Was before my time but nobody shouts his name anymore so I figured I might as well.

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,908, 10:24

You're not an oldfag, Kody. Just fag.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,909, 03:43

Day 1,907, 05:56
'The people are who make this game great. We've lost some amazing players, but we need to make sure we are cultivating new ones so this game is great for others.'

Says the 'Pfeiffer Apologist' who helps run off citizens who oppose the 'Pfeiffer Loyalist Alliance', cheats legitimate PotUS candidates by rigging forum votes; who blames her failures (Gangnam Style) on American citizens who supported more transparency in government.

Phoenix Quinn
Phoenix Quinn Day 1,909, 04:42

Pride comes before a fail.

Zacharie Parks
Zacharie Parks Day 1,923, 02:40

The good old days. FIGHT ON AMERICA!

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