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Alliance of Military Units

Day 1,538, 17:40 by Hamturk

Hello Everyone,

I am av khan commander of Special Service Group (SSG) and member of ePakistani cabinet.

I stand before you with a proposal.

Its for YOU individually to decide.

I request you to bear with the wall of text below.

There has been numerous proposals of formation of International Alliance of Countries. And by what I know of this game and what I have seen, I can say with surety that its impossible. Its just against how this game works. All the countries cannot get together. Too much RL-shit involved as well.

Then there is this problem of smaller nations and bigger nations.
Bigger countries always prefer to ally themselves with the other bigger nations. Who can provide them with almost equal support.

There is a solution to both the problems mentioned above.

The formation of an Alliance of Military Units.

The idea actually revealed itself to me while thinking of a solution to Pakistan's wipe out problem.

And my basic plan was to include just the Military Units of those nations which are wiped out by EDEN forces in Asia. But then I thought, why not propose it to Military Unit of each and every nation. So here I am.

I invite you all to be a part of the alliance.

We already have about 12 Military Units from several countries. Who are interested in this plan.

How This alliance will work

1. Our only objective will be to fight in order to avoid wipe out of our member nations and in case they are wiped, to fight to liberate them.

2. Members won't be required to fight against their own countries or allies in case the concerned country is fighting against any member nation subject to the conditions:
a) If its the last region of member nation and your allies are fighting to wipe out you will be required to fight for member nations.

b) If its the last region of member nation and your own country is fighting to wipe out you will be required to hold fire against member nations.

3. There will be no discrimination between the smaller or bigger nations. Every nation shall have equal status and every nation will be allowed to join and have equal status as oldest member.
Following measures will be taken to ensure equality of nations:
a) A day will be assigned to each wiped-out member nation, subject to the condition that another member nation is not fighting for its last region. In which case we will fight for that nation.
b) In-case none of the member nations are wiped out or fighting for their last region. The reinforcements to member nations would be based on the amount of enemy forces against the member nation.
c) If your MU once leaves the alliance. It will not be allowed back in. This is to ensure that the alliance just doesn't become something where MUs join for help and than leave and come back when help is needed as the membership will be open to all at all times.

This is just the groundwork on which the alliance will be formed. The specifics will be decided 7 days from now when I will congregate all interested MU leaders to discuss the specifics.

Until then if you are an MU commander send me a pm if you are interested. So that I would include you in the discussions.
If you are a member of any Military Unit. Spam your commanders asking them to join up with us.

My friends, I leave this proposal at your table.
Whether to make this
A proposal that might change the maps.
A proposal that might rot in the depths of cyberspace with many other like it.


If you like the idea, please shout and vote the article. I would also like it published in each and every country and language of erepbulik. So if you would like to publish it in your newspaper send me a pm and I will send you BB codes.



Hamturk Day 1,538, 17:40

Paki Propaganda for Av Khan : D

av khan
av khan Day 1,538, 17:42

: ) thanks.

Fighter100 Day 1,538, 17:55

so are there any rewards, prizes..for MUs who are supporting?

av khan
av khan Day 1,538, 18:09

As you can see its based on help and receive help. Truth be told I am not expecting many EDEN MUs as for the moment EDEN is at the top but as we all know that erep is game of rise and fall. A time might come when EDEN would need support so I am just putting the proposal in-front of every nation. There are no other rewards. Yet why I expect even bigger countries or on the map countries to join is because all it would take to join is one MU per nation. Which stronger countries can always spare and smaller countries will spare for time of need.

Exibot Day 1,538, 19:13

Great idea! Good luck to you guys!

I agree with you @av. Today is EDEN is at the top but a few days back it was ONE that was in charge. Anything can happen on erepublik. It's the best to keep a good relationship with neighbour for our own sake. I hope India continues to strive to keep a good relationship with neighbouring nations.

Lonqu Day 1,538, 22:19

Interesting proposal...

Venom2k Day 1,540, 07:31

I am a lil against it av due to the siimple factous reason,ONE and TEDEN,that is all of the countries which impact,others I see,are ABC and What others I dunno.

ONE and TEDEN will never help each other and all ONE and TEDEN countries can kill other alliances and no ONE will kill any ONE and no TEDEN will kill any TEDEN.

Where do we have ourselves then??

av khan
av khan Day 1,540, 12:48


You have certainlly got a point in-fact i havve been facing this problem although a lot of people from TEDEN side really liked the idea and said to not give it up so easily. They would also add that they can't fight to help ONE at any time : ) but I have hopes lets see what becomes of it in the end : )

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