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Actualización - Boletín Oficial de Defensa | 12/11/2013 - 11:45

Day 2,183, 01:10 by National Defense Ministery

*NOTA: Si queréis que la foto de vuestra milicia salga arriba, enviad a partack una imagen con calidad buena, que no sea de eR (obviamente), y 75x75 píxeles.



sayma21 Day 2,183, 01:18


Maali Akalka Aki
Maali Akalka Aki Day 2,184, 03:39

quiero mis bonos de vuelta!

Medusa 62
Medusa 62 Day 2,183, 01:18


Norsk_gr Day 2,183, 01:22

Gracias a todos por el esfuerzo y el sacrificio.

Erkaki Day 2,184, 03:41

Gracias a tu esfuerzo y el de 2 más !

Cayo Tulio
Cayo Tulio Day 2,183, 01:30

votado y suscrito sisi

Traxanu Day 2,183, 01:33


Sevillafc Day 2,183, 01:37


carlicos Day 2,183, 01:40


chaplinpub Day 2,183, 02:02


AsturKorp Day 2,183, 02:10


mazema Day 2,183, 02:22

Vaya FAIL de guerra (y lo digo siendo eEspañol)

elMengu Day 2,183, 09:36

Eso se dice al final, cuando Portugal acaba borrada.

mazema Day 2,183, 09:57

Totalmente de acuerdo. Pero qué duda cabe que todo el mundo pensaba que estaba ganado y sólo hemos perdido bonus y terreno...

elMengu Day 2,183, 10:07

En todas las guerras que Portugal nos ha conquistado las Castillas hemos remontado al poco y han acabado borrados.

ataskado2 Day 2,184, 13:41

ademas el escudo no es eterno

Sirferoz Day 2,184, 22:53

el nuestro tampoco

El Nejro
El Nejro Day 2,185, 00:34

No estoy de acuerdo, no tiene nada que ver esta guerra con la hace un año y pico.... Y sus secuelas.
Han trabajado bien y son muy superiores, sólo hay que mirar el egov.
Más fuerza y saben jugar a PVP.

gallofero Day 2,183, 03:21



PretenderHT Day 2,183, 03:46

Tudo isto por um capricho dos vossos governantes...
Foi eEspanha que quis esta guerra e atacou ePortugal, não se esqueçam disso!

Parece que afinal de contas sempre tinham algo a ganhar estando em paz connosco, ao contrário do que sempre defenderam os vossos governos e congresso.

DiPink Pie
DiPink Pie Day 2,183, 07:17

Mientras tanto ePortugal abre RW en todas las colonias eEspañolas ^-^

PretenderHT Day 2,183, 07:24

Isso é agora, depois de nos terem atacado, ou estavam à espera que ficássemos parados perante o vosso ataque?

Garond89 Day 2,183, 07:34

Portugal ya demostro que solo queria un NAP traicionero, para en el momento oportuno, atacar a eEspaña.

PretenderHT Day 2,183, 09:30

LOL! Claro! Por isso é que foi ePortugal a lançar o ataque/NE e tudo...
Acho que nem vocês acreditam nas desculpas que dão.

Maali Akalka Aki
Maali Akalka Aki Day 2,183, 04:05

la historia no cambia,
se repite, año tras año.
nunca es sencillo
el precio sera siempre alto

elMengu Day 2,184, 03:44

Estamos dispuestos a guerrear un mes para manteneros 11 borrados.

Maali Akalka Aki
Maali Akalka Aki Day 2,184, 03:59

el plan era borrar los toallas o perder los bonos?
perder los bonos ya lo an logrado
ahora que van ahcer?... borrar portugal.
haaa bueno e tal... ya veremos quanto tiempo llevaram

elMengu Day 2,184, 06:06

Pues como siempre, empezamos dejando que os quedéis las Castillas y al poco acabáis borrados. ¿Ya no te acuerdas de las otras tantas veces? Como tú dices la historia se repite, así que preparaos a estar borrados bien pronto.

En las guerras de desgaste no podéis con nosotros, cuando se os acabe la inercia...

Bill The Kid Timmons
Bill The Kid Timmons Day 2,184, 18:38

Este man es como el minion de bil fail!

elMengu Day 2,184, 18:40

Ah claro que es mentira lo que he dicho...

Garond89 Day 2,183, 07:10

Muerte a los toalleros

Neospa Day 2,183, 07:17

Otro año borrados.

CharlyGarcia Day 2,183, 07:18


ixuxu Day 2,183, 07:23


Pokerman3o Day 2,183, 07:47

la verdad es que Grecia se está portando de puta madre

AMONRAII Day 2,183, 11:38

Si,son de los que mas estan apoyando a Portugal.

070977 Day 2,183, 07:51

vamos chicos...

yasiel Day 2,183, 07:55

dejense de chupar del bote y abran supplies !!!y a trabajar manaaa de vagos!

TyphoonSpain Day 2,183, 08:29

La ayuda del IAN de las 12:30 ha pasado a las 16.00 si no me equivoco

ReiLusitano Day 2,183, 09:57

Portugal wants an agreement, that has been our way of doing things for almost a year now... but Spain doesn't respect anyone but themselves, damn, not even that...
They are bullies, they think they own the world, and TWO should stop their greedy treacherous ways and totally support the integration of Portugal in the TWO Alliance.
It would be a Win Win situation, but Spain only wants what she thinks it's best, and the results are in sight... TWO fighting TWO, because of a member (Spain), that only knows how to divide an alliance, and that doesn't respects it's own agreements or it's allies efforts to resolve conflicts by diplomatic solutions. Spain has no word, no credibility, they are petty and liers, and those that are now their allies should be more carefull, because when Spain changes it's mind, it will betray them like many others before.

Encon47 Day 2,183, 11:06

Spain has been so Selfish, this war is showing how Spain is quite alone.
they underestimate Portugal and everyone, and that will be his downfall.

elMengu Day 2,184, 03:43

You wouldn't be complaining about not signing pacts if your government had agreed to negotiate with us. A wipe is now incoming for you.

Portugal has always been an untrustworthy country, traitor to its allies and their word, and you're just honouring your past.

Maali Akalka Aki
Maali Akalka Aki Day 2,184, 04:01

perdona no intiendo frances, estas hablando de españa?

Rikardoferreira Day 2,184, 04:47

elMengu one word for you: LOL

You are TWO and played roles on CoT, you are against pro-TWO countries like Argentina and support former pro-CoT countries Like Brazil!

You are the ones on who nobody can trust... A bunch of 2 faced guys!

We agreed to negotiate you didn't... that's why! When we asked to HQ TWO to atend negociations you left IRC!

So much things to hide right? for now sending the blame to us... is what you guys do better!

elMengu Day 2,184, 06:02

Being you it's normal you LOL to truth-full comments.

Yes, WE are TWO. We've never played any "role" on CoT (what do you mean lol? And do you have any proof?), and of course we are against our enemies, be them CoT, neutral or so-called "pro-TWO". Argentina and you are not that pro-TWO if you're against a TWO country, right...? Besides Brazil isn't and has never been CoT. Hmmm, I wonder what made you think Brazil was CoT...

So be it then. We're not two faced, you need to learn to distinguish between Spain and Portugal, don't think everyone is like you.

Oh that sure made me laugh! So who told you the Portuguese government tried to negotiate? Why did we wait for your representatives on an IRC channel and they never showed up? How come the TWO HQ don't support your argument that we didn't show up? How come if you really wanted to negotiate we never got any requests (PMs, queries, etc) to do so? We asked you to come to a meeting and you didn't turn up, so cut that crap and stop blaming what you did on us.

You're right, there's a lot to hide. But as much as you try to hide things evidence speaks for itself.

And what we do better is wiping you off the map.

Rikardoferreira Day 2,184, 06:55

Well it hapened and lot's of people know what happened... I wont waste my time discussing here! Just clarifying some things:

First I said pro-COT not COT

I say because I were in a previous govern... and I know what as been happening between the two countries! And you as MoFa should know the things that happened... To the ones who know your looking like a fool! That's where my will to laugh comes

You can decieve the less informed people but lot's of them really know what happens...

And you have a lot to thank to Poland to still accept you as their puppie.. you only give nothing but headhackes to them!
Loose them and you loose all...

Isibu Day 2,183, 12:23

Saludos y suerte.

Bovc Day 2,184, 02:58


Ignaki Day 2,184, 03:29

umm ..... me gusta como esta este boletin .... *_*

Web Carioca
Web Carioca Day 2,184, 03:54

Espanha pode contar com o Brasil.

Hail Brazil
Hail spanish
Hail Exercito Brasileiro

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