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400 days of summer

Day 2,142, 20:15 Published in Japan Japan by Tetsuya Tameru

So much has changed
and yet it can be found
that nothing has.

I am back, but I don't know for how long. A smile to those I don't know,
and a fond nod to those I did.



ardishabutaro Day 2,142, 21:56

zombie back to this game.


Minami Saki
Minami Saki Day 2,143, 05:03


synhro Day 2,143, 05:19


ahava3233 Day 2,143, 06:22

Ahhh good you're ok and back!
I'm glad! You left me with a sort of uncertainty...I thought something bad might've happened to ya. .

Regardless wb Tetsuya! Missed ya.

Tetsuya Tameru
Tetsuya Tameru Day 2,143, 21:15

Many things have, some good, some bad. its complicated

Aryzn Day 2,143, 08:45

That is over a year of summer.

ahava3233 Day 2,143, 18:31

It's based of the title of a movie:

Tetsuya Tameru
Tetsuya Tameru Day 2,143, 22:29

I used 400 because I've been dead roughly about that long

Akki Day 2,143, 20:02

welcome back

Zodiarque Day 2,144, 14:12


Sophia Forrester
Sophia Forrester Day 2,143, 22:30

Good to see you back!

Zodiarque Day 2,144, 14:37


?c(゚.゚*) エート。。。 いかがお過ごしですか。

I'll make some tea for yuh if you want.
熱いお茶をどうぞ ( ^‐^)_且~~~~

I'm glad you are back, regardless of how long you shall grace us with your presence.

Amaterasu Omikami
Amaterasu Omikami Day 2,144, 16:24

Welcome Back

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