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20 suggestions for New Year resolutions for the young

Day 1,871, 06:57 by senka senke

This text is adapted and translated from the original one, available in the blog . Since my original idea was to make young people think about the things which are of real importance, I think that these are worth reading in other countries, not just eSerbia.

...and make the world you want to live in.

Don't hate those who are different, no matter whether it is the religion, nation, name, the colour of the skin, sexual orientation, political ideas. Where the hatred stops is the place from which you can start loving each other.

Make distinction between good and bad people, and do not accept any other. Be aware of the fact who encourages you to protest, and why. Be critical, not enraged. Protest, but in a civilised way. Change, but not demolish.

Stop adoring fashion/model/music/film and other celebrities and search for inspiration in people who will make you better, not more stupid. Improve your taste. Be picky, do not accept everything that is offered.

Do not make heroes of those who do not deserve it – criminals, fascists, murderers should not be on your list. Real heroes are those who improved this world, not just their own savings account.

Learn how to admire wisdom, not the brand, be it a vehicle, mobile or sports gear. Wisdom is always modern. Do not sneer at it.

Do not watch reality shows. You know what's real, nobody has to show you. Open your eyes, look through the window and you'll know what's going on. Then do something about it – change the reality if you don't like it.

Stop making or liking Facebook pages that insult or endanger others. Use social networks to change the world, not to pollute it.

Before you post a status or a tweet, read it several times. Ask yourself whether it is really necessary to share this with everybody else. If you still think that it is, but your common sense tells you the opposite, don't post it. Leave behind the pearls of wisdom, not the reason for tomorrow's shame.

Don't be silent when you witness violence. Your silence is your approval.
Do not throw rubbish all over your town. Leave it in the same state you want to see it tomorrow.

Once a month, instead of buying a drink, buy a book. The things that go inside your head are much more worthy than the one that could make you lose your head.

Do not make your breast or your lips larger. Enlarge your mind. Do not be a bad copy of an ideal, but a unique version of yourself.

Do not be outlaws. Be knights.

Admire your language, tradition and country. Do not approve of these who make it important by using violence. Learn as much as you can about your own culture and do not judge the others. Be citizens of the world.

Write your posts and messages, even your status in a normal way. Preserve your language. Nobody else will.

Don't be ashamed to be different. Stand out from the crowd. You will see better, and you will be spotted more easily.
Think about the fact that you will be parents one day. Think about what world you would like to leave to your children. We haven't left you much. It seems we couldn't do any better. It's your turn to make it better.



Lisac the Philosopher
Lisac the Philosopher Day 1,871, 07:05

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Sasa Kostic Day 1,871, 07:09

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