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[Presidents Office] Update 3

Day 2,191, 23:32 by Joshua Morriseau

Hello all, just a little update about everything going on in Norway right now. As well an apology on my behalf, I was absent the last two days without notice. There was a terrible snow storm here and I was stranded but am home and safe now, so back to work!

Deal with the UK:
Recently I began working privately on a deal with the UK to try and give us a region for Congress. These talks has unfortunately failed and there will be no deal. The government of the UK thought it would be best that we pay them to free us a region. Before I began my term as President I put out a survey to everyone. One of the questions was if you would be OK with paying money to gain a region back and it resulted in an over whelming majority in favour of not paying. So taking this I decided that it would be in our best interests to use our funds to continue fighting the UK rather than pay them. A deal struck with them also would have left us unable to fight directly against them in our other occupied regions which means we could not have helped our allies in that way which could have damaged our stance in Asgard so perhaps its best a deal was not reached.

Operation Purple Food:
This discussion has been going on for a while now and I hope we can tie them up soon. Right now we have agreed on how much to hand out in supplies but have failed to come up with the best way to produce the supplies. We have two options we are currently debating.

#1 We could set up communes and try to manage and operate those by the state with trusted citizens.

#2 We offer state contracts to Norwegian suppliers and buy supplies out right and distribute them.

Two very different ways as you can see. We are debating about how cost effective it is to run the communes and its ability to be effective enough to generate the supplies needed. The discussion slowed down the last couple days but has started up again. I would really like to implement this during my Presidency so I would like to encourage all Congress Members to please state your opinions on the matter as I will be moving it to a vote soon if nothing new comes up.

Ministry of Defence:
We have been fighting along with our allies and have successfully pushed Belarus back out of Finland. We are happy to see them gone and will now focus our attention to the UK and Lithuania. Our efforts will now be focused on coordinating with our allies to kick the rest of the invaders out! Our battle priorities are updated everyday so please make sure to check it before fighting.

Losing Taxes and Generating new Income:
Plato decided it was the best thing to give the larger nations more money at the expence of us so now anyone occupying us can collect some of our taxes. You can find the in depth explanation here. To counter Plato's efforts in trying to extinguish the smaller nations from the game WP Attak has been working on a proposal to play with money on the market with Norway's orgs. It was first being developed to help fund Operation Purple Food but can also help supplement our stolen income now.

Logo Competition:
Our logo competition generated some fantastic results. A huge thanks to Homer J Simpson and Indigodavo95 for their submissions. Each Ministry now has new logos to use for their articles. I posted the links on the forums under Government for all the Ministers and Vice Ministers to use.

Come visit us on #eNorway @Rizon!

As always don't forget to V,S&S!

Friendly Regards,

Joshua Morriseau



Lord Bernin
Lord Bernin Day 2,191, 00:32

Respect o/ from eIndia

Jussi PK Jernkuuk
Jussi PK Jernkuuk Day 2,191, 01:04


thomas82karlsson Day 2,191, 01:06


Indigodavo95 Day 2,191, 02:08


Ryan Flaherty
Ryan Flaherty Day 2,191, 05:02

Plato decided it was the best thing to give the larger nations more money at the expence of us so now anyone occupying us can collect some of our taxes.

It's a surprise that Plato favors TWO?

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 2,191, 15:25

Aha no one saw that one coming

Che Kukaken
Che Kukaken Day 2,191, 07:30

nice update.

Akashaton Day 2,191, 10:37


WP Attak
WP Attak Day 2,191, 12:06


Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 2,191, 15:32

Good luck eNorway

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 2,191, 15:32


Anthony Colby
Anthony Colby Day 2,191, 15:36

Hail Norway

Ireland stands with you.

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