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[PK] Logo Competition

Day 2,206, 13:58 by jny123

Kia Ora kiwis!

Now one thing I can definitely say i can't do (and there's not many of those) is i'm terrible with graphics. However i do have money so i shall offer 500cc to the best Logo that someone comes up with.

It is open to everyone. The rules for the logo are simple, it must have either "Project Kiwi" or "PK" on it and it must feature the Kiwi Bird. Obviously it must meet certain standards which involve no vulgarity etc. To enter simply put a link to the logo. If you need help posting it somewhere then sign up-to Photobucket, its where i store all my logos and banners.

so you know what a Kiwi Bird looks like

So that is is for this article, the competition will close in 2 days then we shall review them all.

Thanks for reading please vote, subscribe and drop any comments below.

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No face No name No number Day 2,206, 14:09


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