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[Official Campaign] Head of Congress

Day 1,895, 05:31 by Dranze R

First of all, I would like to congratulate my new fellow congressmen on being elected to congress. A special mention to all the first timers. :)

All the Party Presidents have done a great job in getting a right mix of experience and new citizens into the Congress.

Unfortunately, since Odisha was not still liberated by the deadline on 23rd, we had only 3 regions till then and so this term has 30 Congress members only.

I am running for the Head of Congress position for this term. This article is my campaign as to why I would make a good HoC for this term.

This is my third term as a Congressman. I have fairly good understanding of the working of the Congress.

I have a sufficiently good knowledge of the Rules of Congress. The first time Congress members can access the Rules of Congress here.

Though I would like all of them to go through it, just to be sure.

It may be mundane, but still read it. Thank/Blame Maverick10 for it. :P

Also, I shall strive to be a Good HoC and keep Citizens informed with the latest Updates and happenings from within the walls of Congress and be responsible for the actions of the Congress, not a "meh" HoC. ( As Alector puts it)

So I ask the current members of congress to elect me as Head of Congress for this term.

Also wishing Cadfan all the best.




Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,895, 05:33

Good luck

xordin Day 1,895, 05:34

Good luck..

S.C.Bose Day 1,895, 05:37

Good luck bro

Lonqu Day 1,895, 05:54

Good luck! o7

Ashwamedh Day 1,895, 05:56

great start!!! o7 good luck!!!

Bharmal Day 1,895, 06:07

Good luck bro

ShockWavve Day 1,895, 08:27

Dinesh is best choice for HoC

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,895, 09:17

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,895, 09:25

gl bidda.

off whisky
off whisky Day 1,896, 03:29


BrknSword Day 1,896, 06:01


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