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[New Era] The Noticeboard

Day 1,915, 12:36 by Goku Jones

Thanks to everyone who voted for me to become the New Era Party President! I started work right away and created a Community Noticeboard, this has everything you need to be an active New Era member in one place:

If you have an article you need votes for, stick it on the Newspaper Articles page and it will be added as a link to my Party President articles which will always be in the Top News on the eRepublik homepage. Maybe you can advertise and vote for them yourself too!

If you want to decide what our Congressmen should be voting for and what our Country President candidates should be promising, add your name under a topic on the Policy Group page to be added to the policy discussions (they are in game group mails).

If you have recruited others to the party, stick their names on the Recruitment page so that we don't message people more than once and you will be rewarded with a Congress slot. Also sign up for Congress on the Congress Signups page.

Why not take a look?

Harry Paget Flashman
Harry is one of the first New Era members to say that he wants to be elected to Congress in 9 days’ time:
He, and any others interested, will have to sign up on The Noticeboard and start getting involved in the party by posting articles, joining a policy group and/or recruiting others to the party!

Sir Winston S Churchill
Winston runs The British Army and is New Era's Secretary General as our strongest and most experienced member:
Have a look at the articles for the latest British Army information and updates!

Stick your article on The Noticeboard to get your article in this space :)

If you are reading this and you are not in New Era, why should you join?

New Era is developing its members, not its leadership.

New Era is representing players who play the game, from the game.

New Era is experimenting with new methods and concepts, without fear.

We won't exploit you for votes, we will share with you what we have and you will share with us your new ideas. We don't just say this, we do it. Our Congress is full of new players, players from other smaller parties and we have tons of giveaways:
Have a read of this for some free food.

PM me to get this when you join New Era.

This week, join a Policy Group on The Noticeboard to get supplied.

We have more from our members in articles and the party shout bar most days!

Get in touch at #NewEra and #BritishArmy on Rizon IRC, Comment or send me a PM.

- Goku Jones, New Era Party President.


Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,915, 12:40

These players will be sent their Weekly Supply in two days time because they joined a Policy Group:

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,915, 12:40

Sven Goran, well done!

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,915, 12:58

Alphabethis, thank you

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,916, 03:12

Harry Paget Flashman has signed up too!

hollenboer Day 1,916, 09:58

where can is join the policy group

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,916, 10:04

on the policy group page on the spreadsheet

Alphabethis Day 1,915, 13:38

yes, it's a very good solution, since IT IS THE NATURAL ONE. Most people won't be interested, simple as that. Those insterested have a mean to get involved.

Commander Dapper
Commander Dapper Day 1,915, 13:54

Good stuff , once again great idea's ! Day 1,915, 15:18

no votes were bought for this xD

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,915, 16:06


Kravenn Day 1,915, 17:13

I bet on 50 votes bought by Goku.
Publishing an article without buy votes is too hard for him.

Commander Dapper
Commander Dapper Day 1,916, 00:45

Hello little Kitty, purr purr

Commander Dapper
Commander Dapper Day 1,916, 00:44

Hello little Kitty, purr purr

Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Day 1,915, 16:37

"New Era is developing its members, not its leadership."

This is unsurprising as it seems to be from an increasingly entrenched inner group

"New Era is representing players who play the game, from the game."

This implies other parties aren't "playing the game", which is silly

I also find it hard to believe you're trying to reconcile with the wider community when you're probably going to buy votes every article you write. Why not let people see the true coverage you're getting from actual British citizens?

Commander Dapper
Commander Dapper Day 1,916, 00:44

Hello little Kitty, purr purr

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,916, 03:09


Blue And Evil
Blue And Evil Day 1,916, 23:23

>my Party President articles which will always be in the Top News on the eRepublik homepage

Good to see we have a lot noise bought into the top 5 incoming.

Commander Dapper
Commander Dapper Day 1,916, 00:44

Same trolls all the time , No New Era report wouldn't be complete without

D FOX , Minecraft, kravenn , the little kittens I call them

Cos im lovin the trolls , lovin the trolls

Ziltoid16 Day 1,916, 01:37

What they're doing isn't "trolling", "trolling" is something you do specifically to annoy someone, like for instance, implying your middle name is "tin-hat" would be "trolling".

What "the little kittens" are doing however, is raising legitimate questions as to your policies & processes, and your response is invariably an attack.

Oh, also "No New Era report wouldn't be complete without" Is that a triple negative? WHAT DOES IT MEAN??!? <- Another trolling example, the only legitimate concern is your drinking supply. <- Oh look another one.

WayneKerr Day 1,916, 03:32

Simply disagreeing with someone is not trolling, I wish people would stop throwing the word about like they understand the meaning
Trolling is a art form very view understand. What most people regard as trolling nowadays is simply insults... These guys understood what the word troll meant!

wigibob Day 1,916, 01:39

if they are going to complain they should at least complain about different things every so often

WayneKerr Day 1,916, 03:33

Maybe they would if NE stopped repeating things... Branch out, try something different, see if they hate on a new subject..

Commander Dapper
Commander Dapper Day 1,916, 04:45

Wayne it the same people on every subject , can i ask what progession is the UKPP making right now ? and you are another one wayne maybe you could write some good stuff and ideas haven't seen much of that from you either you can join the trolling names I think ! instead of commenting on NEW ERA do something yourself mate !

WayneKerr Day 1,916, 09:49

Honestly Don you have no idea what trolling is. Simply disagreeing is not trolling... Plus I wasn't even disagreeing, just giving wigibob some insight into why people complain about the same things. When Sir-Nick buys votes for articles the same guys come and say the same shit... Don't think they are singling NE out for the treatment...

I don't need to write down my suggestions and ideas in article format. I take them straight to the people who can implement them. They either say yay or naye. Noise from me and my party has led to 'forum reform', and change in the citizenship and military. Much of NE is posturing and buzzwords, mostly in a vain attempt to gain voters, you have no interest in anything else other then furthering your agenda.

AdmiralNelson Day 1,916, 02:42

Comment deleted

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,916, 03:11

If my articles are so low quality that you guys keep getting so enraged over them getting votes, why do you all have to resort to copy/pasting complaints and trolls and not actually attacking the content of the article?

If it was low quality surely there would be loads of stuff you could write about the article itself!

Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Day 1,916, 05:43

This article has no content, hence why you bought votes

We can go round in circles for as long as you're willing to burn money on the voters club - fact remains New Era isn't coming up with anything new and has to resort to vote buying and 'loyalty bonuses' to try and generate any activity

As Wayne said - do something genuine, do something new - that'll silence us rather than rolling our eyes everytime we see this drivel automatically voted to the top

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,916, 08:59

er... did you read the article? It certaintly does have new content.

WayneKerr Day 1,916, 09:55

As I've said to you in private a lot of the animosity comes from people having no clue as to what NE represent, all they see at the moment is a vessel for a certain few to further what they see as personal agendas rather then national interests.

I for one salute the attempt you have started within NE to give them a real direction and meaning.

FightAndProduce Day 1,916, 07:50

Every time you buy votes,the eUK dies a little inside.

Your vote buying does an injustice to New Era,a great party spoiled by some loon who spends tons of money on bringing articles into the top 5.If your articles are good enough.You don't need to buy votes.

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,916, 09:00

It's simply a matter of doubling exposure time. It takes time to get votes so your article remains unseen for a day or so.

CheetahCurtis Day 1,917, 08:39

Considering this is just an article to inform New Era members, it would cause less problems if you advertised this article on your party feed and didn't buy votes. By doing that you wouldn't upset anyone and you would be reaching your target audience.

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,916, 09:00

I look forward to exactly the same complaints on my next article!

K.P.Tatschner Day 1,916, 09:50

Good article, Btw if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything

hollenboer Day 1,916, 09:57


Ewan Dougall
Ewan Dougall Day 1,916, 11:09

Voted yesterday but actually had able to go and look through stuff today!

Liking the organisation and it should help us progress efficiently!

Taurum Day 1,916, 14:35


cenodekaMKD Day 1,916, 14:43

Is there a place in the congress for an old citizen who didn't have internet for a long time? I am back again and I'm ready to contribute again to the NE and UK!

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,917, 10:02

Join a policy group on the spreadheet and sign up!

NT Games
NT Games Day 1,916, 15:56

i want tanks v85
and the welcome bonus

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,917, 10:31

Welcome bonus sent! Weekly supply will be soon, probally tonight.

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