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(New Era) Next President RFeist

Day 1,809, 15:43 Published in United Kingdom Ireland by Sir Winston S Churchill

I will make this as brief as possible as more in depth details and policy's will be released over the next couple of days.

New Era are very please to announce that after the party conference Richard Feist will be running for CP on November the 5th and will become the eUk next CP.

Richard is a great man for the job, a honest man with great integrity, he has already been PP of UKPP and Commander of the Royal Navy.

The UKPP have also backed Richard and I know more parties will follow suit.

We can bring a New Era to the game over the next week and really need your support to make this happen

So vote New Era on the 5th November for open government !

Want your voice heard in the game join us today

Information about New Era ( fastest growing party, has 10 congress members , controls 25% of congress in the eUK )




Sir Winston S Churchill
Sir Winston S Churchill Day 1,809, 15:44

Great guy will make a Great CP !

Solytix Day 1,809, 15:54

Good luck

lancer450 Day 1,809, 15:56

Voted. Good luck!

ePocalypse Day 1,809, 16:01

"Information about New Era ( fastest growing party, has 10 congress members , controls 35% of congress in the eUK )"

10/40 = 25%

Neil Lewis
Neil Lewis Day 1,809, 16:02

v9 o7

Bruce Wayne.
Bruce Wayne. Day 1,809, 16:04

It's says 25% I think your eye sight is going mate , maybe it will be 35% next term and you can read the future!

Good Luck Richard , one of the most nicest honest guy about !

Vote Richard Feist

Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Day 1,809, 16:11

Would be nice to see some policies/accurate figures

Bruce Wayne.
Bruce Wayne. Day 1,809, 16:13

Good because you will like it say's

" in depth details and policy's will be released over the next couple of days."

Kamoris KSC
Kamoris KSC Day 1,809, 16:14

Lets finally see some new faces in the cabinet \o/

Dr Hugh Jardon
Dr Hugh Jardon Day 1,809, 16:16

Brilliant, a chance for genuine change \o/ Just what this country needs

Alfagrem Day 1,809, 16:21

Could be a close waits for shenanigans.

Alphabethis Day 1,809, 16:28

Great guy will make a Great CP ! x 2
Supported, he's intelligent, committed, nice, helpful, good fighter...

Niemand Day 1,809, 16:31

Very active guy. Check his publications.
We should trust this.

Good luck!

Cerberus Dex
Cerberus Dex Day 1,809, 16:33

Richard is a nice guy, but i'll never vote new era...

Rfeist Day 1,809, 16:51

@Niemand Again thanks for the good luck! I have been active in other ways but publications. I promise to post an article a minimum of 1 every 3 days when I get CP.

@Cerberus Dex. Sorry you feel that way, I dont think it is a vote for New Era, more it is a vote for a cross party candidate.

GameChanger Day 1,809, 19:00

I like the idea of a new player in office, but I am afraid of what New Era's behind the scenes leaders will do. Also, I think Talon's done a great job as CP anyways

Samoss The Great
Samoss The Great Day 1,810, 02:58

Good luck RFeist

Rfeist Day 1,810, 03:27

@Gamechanger - I would like to let you know that when I am in office there will be no ' behind the scenes goings on by private individuals. Every government action will be hold accountable. I myself believe that Talon this term has done a good job.

Malkaiser Day 1,810, 03:41

There is no higher authority than the CP, so what on earth are these unspecified, unproven, shadowy figures going to do exactly?

BigAnt Day 1,810, 03:42

Good Luck

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,810, 04:43

Congress is the highest authority Goku

Malkaiser Day 1,810, 05:10

Fair enough! Point still stands!

Dr Hugh Jardon
Dr Hugh Jardon Day 1,810, 05:38

what on earth are these unspecified, unproven, shadowy figures going to do exactly?

Erm I guess these shadowy figures that Gamechanger hasnt imagined in any way shape or form could mastermind another 9/11

Considering Congress could over rule the CP as Niemand pointed out the his paranoia is mildly amusing

WayneKerr Day 1,810, 06:45

I'm the only player pulling Richards puppet strings. He dances to my tune, and my tune only. He'll agree too.

GameChanger Day 1,810, 07:35

Thanks RFiest, at least you know how to communicate well, unlike some of your foul-mouthed brethren. (cough Goku cough)

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,810, 10:19

Feist seems like a nice guy since I first heard of him yesterday, after a couple of months experience running ministries I'd vote for him too.

Lord Lewis Cromwell
Lord Lewis Cromwell Day 1,810, 11:54

Goku: "so what on earth are these unspecified, unproven, shadowy figures going to do exactly?" maybe run off with the treasury like you did, spread lies and corruption and become a self-confessed terrorist when people finally have enough of your crap again? That's only one of them, too, on one of his accounts. Impersonating people, maybe. Running off to fight for an enemy nation against us is another example from another person, should I go on?

You have a damn cheek, you are the proof.

Huey George
Huey George Day 1,810, 12:26

I think Richard Feist will make an excellent country president \o/, The Workers' Rights Party and I will be supporting his campaign.

Malkaiser Day 1,811, 04:44

How is someone with no treasury access going to steal the treasury? I think that Carlini was asked to be MoF, will he steal it?

When did I steal the treasury!? lol

Dr Hugh Jardon
Dr Hugh Jardon Day 1,811, 08:26

So LLC is saying a fellow ESO member is going to steal the treasury? I like Carlini but it seems LLC does have some deep psychological problems and trust issues.

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