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[MWC-CP] day 29

Day 2,206, 00:53 by 10 Downing Street


Because we are so close to the end of my term as president any loan must have been sent in before 23:59 (4th dec eRepublik time) or 7.59AM (5th dec UK time)

as this has now passed training ground loans are unavailable. Anyone who applied before this deadline even 1 min before will get a fair consideration for a loan
(if you wanted 21-30 gold and sent 1 min before day change then that's not going to happen)

i hope everyone who wanted a loan got one


you read this rubbish, well thanks, bonus pic enclosed below
mwcerberus, 57th CP of the United Kingdom



Niemand Day 2,206, 01:09

Voted & shouted!

Teppishc Day 2,206, 01:47

I want that embroidery thing for xmas

The Baron Samedi
The Baron Samedi Day 2,206, 05:14

Same here. I'd kill to have one.


Max Blue
Max Blue Day 2,206, 05:47


Upgrading Training Grounds:

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